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A Cut Above the Rest

Butcher’s Week 2021

Here at Eversfield Organic, we’re extremely proud of our on-site, organic ethical butchery. Our team of skilled butchers work to produce an ever-expanding range of grass-fed organic meat cuts. With the butchery at the heart of our family run organic delivery company, organic meat really doesn’t get much fresher than this. We’re all for shouting about the hard work of butchers across the UK (including ours) and what better time than during Butcher’s Week?


Butcher’s Week 2021 runs from 8th-14th March, presenting a week-long celebration of great quality meat and the skilled ethical butchers behind it. In the spirit of butcher’s favourites, here’s our very own butcher’s hand-picked selection of traditional cuts to add to your next organic meat box delivery…


Beef Onglet Steak

The Beef Onglet Steak, also known as the Hanger Steak, is a cut of beef taken from beneath the diaphragm near the flank. This particular piece of steak is lean and tender thanks to doing little-to-no work within the cattle. It simply hangs under the diaphragm – hence its namesake, Hanger Steak! It’s placement quite close to the liver gives it an almost offal-like, meaty flavouring. Paired with its tenderness, this organic beef steak is delightful for Mexican style cooking! Cook quickly over a high heat to rare or medium rare to avoid any toughness.

This cut is so good that traditionally butchers would keep it for themselves, hoping to save only the best for their own dinner! We don’t blame them…

organic grass-fed beef onglet hanger steak bucther's week 

Beef Bavette

Another cut that would often find itself on a butcher’s plate is the Beef Bavette. You may have heard this cut referred to as a Flank Steak, taken from the “underbelly” of the steer. With the cut coming from the abdominal muscles or lower chest, the French term bavette, meaning “bib”, begins to make sense!

This good value cut has a similar strong flavour to the Onglet Steak, but is a little less tender. With this in mind, it’s better fried or grilled rare. Thinking of doing some lockdown cooking or making your own pie? (For inspiration, read about British Pie Week here). Grass-fed Beef Bavette is perfect for chopping up and adding to homemade pies or even a Devonshire pasty!


Beef Chuck Steak

In stark opposition to the Onglet and Bavette, the Beef Chuck Steak has worked around the clock to keep the cattle moving. A cut from the shoulder of the steer, the muscle would have been used to support the weight and keep the animal on the move. This means the steak will be a little tougher, with higher amounts of marbling. This, however, only seems to boost the flavour, especially when cooked low and slow on a gentle heat. Cooking it this way ensures a wonderful transition into a deliciously soft and tender (and above all tasty) meat.

This cut is ideal for adding to casseroles and curries with its deep, well-hung flavour shining through – the perfect addition to an organic meat box. For more Beef Chuck inspiration, look out for our friend Sanjay Parmar’s Beef Chuck Tacos recipe – coming soon to our recipe hub!

 top chef sanjay parmar organic beef chuck tacos recipe


Pork Collar Steak

We know that beef might not be everyone’s first choice of meat, as much as we love our Aberdeen Angus cattle! If you prefer a different taste or texture, or simply fancy a change, Pork Collar Steaks are a unique and endearing choice. Similar to a Beef Rib Eye Steak, this organic pork cut is beautifully marbled throughout, presenting a juicy, succulent meat packed full of flavour. Taken from the shoulder or neck (or collar, if you like) of the pig, this cut differs from the perhaps more popular organic Pork Chop. The Collar is extremely versatile, working when well grilled, pan fried, slow cooked or braised.

Try this cut with puttanesca sauce, buttery organic potatoes and some steamed seasonal greens or your organic vegetables of choice!


Lamb Shoulder Chops

If lamb is more your thing, why not try our butcher’s choice organic Lamb Shoulder Chops? Similar to the Pork Collar Chops, these organic lamb cuts have a generous marbling of fat that provides a mouth-watering taste. Lamb Shoulder Chops are sometimes referred to as arm or blade chops and are beautifully tender. Their easy-to-prep nature doesn’t detract from the rich, sweet grass-fed lamb flavour, with the short cooking time even more of an attraction!

Whether you choose to fry, grill, BBQ or slow cook these chops, you won’t be disappointed. Pair this cut with lemon, rosemary and garlic for a delicious marinated chop.



Have you decided which cuts you’re adding to your organic meat delivery to celebrate Butcher’s Week 2021? Let’s hope the butchers don’t keep them all for themselves!

Check back soon for Sanjay Parmar’s series of Butcher’s Week recipes…

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