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organic roast dinner easter 2021 meat delivery

Easy Like an Easter Sunday Roast

At Eversfield Organic, we don’t need much convincing to cook and enjoy a delicious, organic roast dinner. This makes it no surprise that celebratory occasions which have a feast at their heart are our favourite kind! With Easter on the horizon (it’s Sunday 4th April, but who’s counting!!), we’ve already started to plan our dinner. From which organic meat to place at the centre of the table to all the yummy trimmings, including organic veg. Here’s some of our top picks for a perhaps not so traditional Easter Sunday roast dinner…


Grass-fed Beef

When it comes to a traditional Easter Sunday dinner, roast lamb is a favourite in many households across Britain. However, the new born lambs you may see in the green fields across the British countryside won’t be their best until the end of Summer. Most of the lamb sold in UK supermarkets at this time of year is imported from New Zealand, coinciding perfectly with their seasons. Although you can find a lovely, tender piece of homegrown lamb throughout the year, the Easter holiday can really affect supply and demand.

This year, why not try a succulent joint of organic, grass-fed beef, hand-cut by our ethical butchers? Our fall off the bone, melt-in-mouth organic roast rib of beef is a wonderful Easter centrepiece, packed full of flavour. Just as good cooked low and slow as it is as a quick roast, adding this show stopper to your Easter meat box delivery is a no brainer.

organic grass-fed roast rib of beef easter 2021


American Ham

With large thanks to American traditions, a baked or glazed ham joint has also risen in popularity in recent years. Although it is thought that cooked hams originated in central England, it’s the sweetened crust of the American ham glaze that has made this a contemporary Easter favourite.

But why did Americans prefer this cut of meat? It seems that ham was a rather practical choice of centrepiece. Ham can be preserved throughout winter during the curing process, ready just in time for springtime celebrations. Also, at its time of rising popularity pork was a cheaper alternative to many other meats. What’s more, ham joints offer an attractive sense of versatility; brown sugar, maple syrup and pineapple are all classic partnerships. Think you’d like a ham-based organic meat delivery this Easter? Browse the Pork cuts straight from our organic ethical butchery.


Seasonal Picks

As earlier alluded to, we’re big fans of seasonal shopping. Ethically produced food grown at the optimum time of the year means tastier, more nutritious and cost-effective produce. Not only that, but seasonal organic foods are better for the environment, reducing the need to bring in produce from other parts of the world or grow foods artificially.

With this in mind, why not try complementing your Easter roast with some spring greens? Firstly, what are spring greens? They are, in short, the first cabbages of the year. They differ from the later collard greens, with spring greens offering fresh, loose, less crunchy heads and leaving behind the hard centre of other cabbages. Need more convincing? Spring greens hold high amounts of vitamin K for bone strength and can boost your immune system with vitamin C. These greens are at their best in April, a beautiful addition to your Easter feast. Add some fresh greens to your UK organic veg box delivery.

 seasonal spring greens recipe uk veg box delivery


A Roast Staple

What’s a roast without some organic roasties? It is in the name, after all! We’re big potato lovers here, appreciating their overarching versatility, from fries to mash, and their ability to go with just about anything. A crispy, golden roast potato is arguably top of the potato hierarchy and definitely worthy of a spot in your vegetable delivery, no matter your organic ethical meat of choice. For the best roast potatoes, take a look at our Garlic and Rosemary Roast Potatoes recipe for inspiration!

 best roast potatoes garlic and rosemary roast potatoes recipe


A Veggie Alternative

Although there seems to be 101 different meats available for this year’s Easter feast, we appreciate that not everyone is a fan of a roasted joint. These days we have plenty of plant-based meat replacements, but sometimes it’s just as yummy to get creative with some organic vegetables! Our Whole Roasted Cauliflower is a fun one, adding a little kick to any roast dinner with sprinklings of paprika, cumin and chilli flakes, ensuring the whole family has a happy Easter!


To make Easter 2021 the best it can be, have a browse of our Easter Roasts collection. We also have a whole range of Easter Gifts & Nibbles (including a new range of Hot Cross Buns!). All organic products are available for a UK grocery box delivery in time for the big day, but be quick to secure your slot! We’ll be back soon with more Easter ideas…

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