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ox tongue

Everything you need to know about ox tongue

The thought of eating a tongue may be a daunting prospect. If you’re feeling brave though, there are plenty of upsides to incorporating this offal into your diet. We think that with a bit of gentle persuasion, you’ll be embracing this mouth-watering beef cut.

Read on to discover everything you’ll need to know about ox tongue.


What is ox tongue?

The term ox tongue derives from the Middle Ages, meaning male cattle. During this time, the tongue of male cattle was aptly labelled ox tongue. Fast forward and the organic ox tongue we provide today is taken from both male and female cattle.

grass fed ox tongue

Image: Our cattle roam our organic pastures for life.

Is ox tongue good for you?

Like all offal, ox tongue provides several health benefits, many of which are boosted when you choose organic.

Our ox tongue is rich in omega-3 fats. These fats have several benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, boosting good cholesterol, and supporting muscle growth and weight reduction. There are also healthy doses of choline. This has cognitive benefits, fighting against symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Ox tongue is full of zinc which is essential in the maintenance of a strong nervous system. You’ll also find high levels of iron which is vital for oxygen transportation around your cells and thus regulates your activity levels. High levels of vitamin B12 help your nervous system, cell metabolism, nerve function, and DNA production.

As you can see, there is good reason as to why so many people are beginning to utilise this superfood.


What does ox tongue taste like?

organic ox tongue

Image: Succulent and flavourful.

We’ve established that eating ox tongue will turn you into an unstoppable depiction of health. However, its appearance and texture don’t exactly suggest a tasty delicacy. On this occasion, looks certainly deceive.

Due to its high fat content, the ox tongue is full of flavour. Juicy and soft, the meat will melt in your mouth, coating your tastebuds in any sauce or spice you decide to accompany it with.

The perfect alternative to our traditional grass-fed beef cuts if you’re looking to switch up your meal plan.


How to cook ox tongue

To achieve the finest results from your organic beef tongue, it really isn’t rocket science. There are many ways you can cook an ox tongue, but we recommend this simple simmering method.

-         Give the tongue a thorough rinse under cold running water. You can even give it a little scrub if you’re feeling extra productive.

-         Place in a deep pan and submerge in cold water or our beef bone broth for that extra flavour. Here you can add any vegetables, herbs and seasonings you fancy. Now bring to the boil, regularly skimming off any surface matter (white proteins) that may appear.

-         Cook for 150 minutes or until tender. Check tenderness by piercing with a skewer at the thickest point of the tongue.

-         Allow the cooked tongue to cool in broth for at least 30 minutes, soaking in the flavour.

-         Peel off the outer skin of the tongue and discard.

-         Return the tongue to the broth and allow it to chill fully for up to three days.

There you have it. A foolproof process to help you prepare an ox tongue for use in a number of delicious dishes.


Best ox tongue recipes

ox tongue recipes

Image: There are plenty of ways to cook up ox tongue.

The ox tongue lends itself to a variety of different flavour combinations. Allowing a few slices to marinate in butter, garlic, sautéed onions and mushrooms for an easy, yet impressive dish.

Another popular way to serve up the tongue is in a stew or curry. Substitute it into any dish that requires diced beef and you’re onto a winner! A personal favourite of ours is the spicy ox tongue madras.

Ox tongue can also be pickled and paired with a sweet mustard sauce. Toss through a market garden salad and you’ve found your new favourite summer salad.

The humble sandwich cannot be disregarded. An ox tongue sandwich, layered thickly with your choice of salad, cheese and sauce never fails to hit the spot. Turn that offal into cold cuts and thank us later!

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