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Host the Ultimate Organic BBQ

Host the Ultimate Organic BBQ

Despite the weather having cooled down after a lovely hot June, BBQing is still at the top of our agenda. Here’s our guide to hosting the ultimate BBQ whatever the weather…

Whilst the great British summertime might be stereotypically overcast at the moment, the wetter weather hasn’t dampened our passion for BBQing, after all, what could be more delicious than a feast of perfectly grilled organic meat, veggies and sides!

Having friends and family over for a BBQ can be a tricky and stressful task, with fussy eaters and dietary requirements to deal with, as well as ensuring you’ve got just the right amount of meat, veggies, sides and nibbles for everyone to get their fill.

After years of perfecting our grilling technique, hosting BBQs for friends, family and members of our team, we think we’ve cracked the code to hosting the ultimate BBQ. Keep reading to find out what it takes to hold the perfect BBQ with our favourite organic produce and recipes, so you can make your summer BBQing as successful and carefree as can be!

Use this checklist when you’re holding your next BBQ and you’re on your way to grill glory!

Organic Sausages

Image: Organic meat and veggies, grilled to perfection...

1) Meat

The base of any great BBQ is a good selection of meat to match the tastes and appetites of your guests. Our range of organic and grass-fed meat is sure to fit this purpose, with a wealth of different cuts and varieties available, from the traditional, to more out-there flavour combinations for adventurous pallets.

Let’s start with the basics, the humble burger and sausage. Staples of the great British BBQ burgers and sausages are definite crowd pleasers and an essential on any grill. For the best burgers and sausages, we recommend our organic and grass-fed range. Made extra juicy and flavoursome by our livestock’s organic and free-range rearing, with no artificial flavours or additives, our burgers and sausages are naturally delicious, handmade fresh to order by our skilled team of butchers.

Spice up your grill with the addition of perfectly seasoned kebabs. Easy to grill and share with friends and family, we love the versatility kebabs bring to the grill, making them one of our favourite ways to enjoy our organic meat. Choose to create your own and marinade in a homemade mix of seasonings or opt for some of our premade options, available in chicken, lamb, beef and pork varieties.

Add a touch of decadence to your BBQ with our organic grass-fed beef steaks. Ridiculously tender with a beautiful marbling of fat throughout to make for organic deliciousness in every bite. Quick and easy, our minute steaks are perfect for beginners but for those more experienced with the grill, try our award-winning rib eye steaks.

 Organic grass-fed meat
Image: There's nothing better than serving up some perfectly grilled meat.

2) Vegetarian Options

Got a friend or relative who is plant-based? Don’t let them miss out on the BBQ fun! Making sure you have some good veggie options available is essential for a successful BBQ; even if you don’t have any vegetarians or vegans in attendance, they can make for excellent side dishes to compliment your meat feast, helping balance out the meaty flavour.

One of our favourite vegetarian friendly dishes to serve at our BBQs is grilled halloumi. Simple, salty and satisfying, it can be served as a side dish or sandwiched between brioche buns with salad and BBQ sauce to make a fantastic veggie burger.

Speaking of veggie burgers, we have several excellent organic options that are sure to please any veggie or meat eater alike, packed with flavour and wholesome organic ingredients. Easy to toss on the grill, these are a no fuss plant-based winner.

A good way to use up the vegetables in your fridge and create some tasty vegan options is by making vegetable kebabs. We recommend using portobello mushrooms, peppers, courgette and aubergine.

Organic Vegetables

Image: Vegetable kebabs are an easy and delicious vegan BBQ option!


3) Sides and Extras

Now you’ve got the main substance of your BBQ sorted, it’s time for sides and extras to complete your wonderful spread.

Soft and fluffy buns for burgers and hot dogs are a must have. Our lovely artisan supplier Aston’s Bakehouse provide some of the best, from slightly sweet brioche buns to finger rolls, perfect for holding an organic sausage or two.

Burgers wouldn’t be complete without a few tasty extras to go with the rich flavour of our grass-fed beef. Make sure your basket includes some organic cheddar to slice thinly and melt atop the burgers on the grill, not to mention sour gherkins and thinly sliced tomato and onion for a flawless crunch.

Our Market Garden salad is a great garnish for any meal, with the freshest organic salad leaves grown on the Eversfield Organic farm, free from nasty artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

Sauce up your meal with our range of Curtice Brothers organic condiments! From ketchup to mayonnaise and new smokey BBQ sauce, these delicious sauces are made with 100% organic, wholesome and natural ingredients.


4) Our Favourite BBQ Recipes

Armed with all the best organic ingredients, put them to use on your grill with our favourite BBQ recipes, guaranteed to impress all your guests. From meaty masterpieces to stunning sides and salads, checkout our list of family favourites below:

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