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5 tips for a more Sustainable Bonfire Night

How To Have A More Sustainable Bonfire Night

Although it marks just how quickly another year is flying by and begins to get you thinking about your Christmas preparations, there is something oddly comforting about bonfire night. Bundling up in your winter layers to brave the cold, warming up with the aid of a piping hot drink, and enjoying a fireworks display against the canvas of the night sky. 

Guy Fawkes night represents the chance for the whole family to cosy up, with hot chocolate and varied treats for the young ones as well as ample opportunities of a choice tipple for the big kids! Despite all the fun to be had with this British tradition, nature can often pay the price due to pollution and waste materials being rife. We’ve put together our top five tips to ensure that your night can be enjoyed in an organic, sustainable way.

1: Share The Evening

To minimise the impact of multiple bonfires and a scattering of personal fireworks displays, consider attending a community bonfire night display in your area. This can be a great opportunity for a family night out, socialising with neighbours and stimulating the immediate economy. Not to mention the saved cost and clean-up time!

For those of you who are local to our Tavistock and Totnes shops, there are a number of displays in Devon this year which you could support. Locate an event close to you.

2: Be Wildlife Aware

If you can’t make it to a local bonfire but still want to get into the spirit of things at home, there are ways in which you can ensure your blaze is kinder to nature. Firstly, when collecting sticks and twigs to burn, if they have been lying in a heap for a while, check that no furry (and spikey) friends such as fieldmice and hedgehogs have used the structure as their hibernation cover.

Ideally, try and choose a spot where there will be a limited disturbance to the natural habitat. For example, an open space such as a field or large garden where there will be plenty of room.

Image: Make sure to burn only clean materials.

3: Clean Burning

A lot of materials can release harmful chemicals which contribute to pollution in the atmosphere. Be vigilant and ensure you are stocked with dry and natural materials. You can use your bonfire as an opportunity to clean up your allotment. Burn garden waste such as dried leaves and plant cuttings, as well as logs and other wood which hasn’t been treated with any chemical solutions. 

4: Consider going Firework-free

It’s certainly more sustainable to choose a bonfire evening without fireworks. However, if the kids need their fix, we suggest opting for sparklers to achieve the desired glow. They have a low impact on air quality compared to larger displays and the minimal clean-up associated is most certainly another upside. 

Image: Opt for sparklers.

5: True Colours

If you’re passionate about your yearly display and want to stick to tradition, there are ways in which you can minimise the chemicals which are released into the environment. Prioritise using white colour fireworks as these have been found to be cleaner than their various coloured counterparts. Steer clear from lanterns as although they don’t present a substantial pollutant risk, they are a danger to wildlife who can become trapped in, or even ingest their wireframes.

The Accompanying Feast

Now that you’ve got the information you needed for a sustainable bonfire night, why not find out which delicious organic produce you can prepare for the occasion. 

We love the idea of having a meaty, loaded hot dog to hand. Cram your Aston’s finger roll with your choice of our divine organic sausages, including cracked black pepper, pork & apple and Cumberland. Generously top with gherkins, onions, jalapeno, fresh kraut, and lashings of your preferred organic condiment for a warming meal with a sweet and spicy kick.

Looking to round off that superb hot dog? We’ve got a sumptuous selection of chocolate and sweet treats to snack on by fire pit. Biona’s range of jelly dinos, liquorice snails and sour snakes are certain to keep the kids in order. Don’t feel left out though, our varied stock of Seed and Bean chocolate bars includes flavours such as Sicilian hazelnut, lemon & cardamom, lavender, and 100% dark chocolate.

For more ideas on what to include in your Guy Fawkes feast, visit our Recipe Hub.
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