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Organic September Is Almost Here

Organic September Is Almost Here

Here's why we're celebrating organic this month...

Whilst many view the start of September with a touch of sadness; the summer drawing to a close and the start of autumn, it presents an exciting time for us as Organic September rolls around for another year.

Organic September is a celebration of (as the name would suggest) everything organic! Aimed at encouraging people to shop more organic the annual campaign organised by Go Organic drives forward the importance of working with nature when farming, supporting healthier soils, wildlife and the planet as a whole.

 Why should we celebrate organic?

In recent years, issues such as climate change have become more pressing and ways of reducing our environmental impact at the forefront of people’s minds, looking towards the future. One way we can reduce our environmental impact is through the choices we make when buying food. An intergovernmental study found that around 25% of human made greenhouse gas emissions are produced by agriculture, forestry and other land use. Intensive farming practices create vast amounts of greenhouse gases due to their excessive use of energy, fertilisers and pesticides and the clearance of wide areas of natural land to produce food. These are practices that organic farming aims to combat.

 Organic farms work with nature instead against it, avoiding the use of man-made fertilisers and pesticides that not only pollute the environment, but are also extremely fossil fuel reliant, consuming 3 – 5% of global natural gas solely in their production. Natural ecosystems thrive in organic farms where these artificial substances are not used and in return they support the workings of the farm, providing ecosystem services such as pollination and biological pest control, helping produce a greater yield of healthy crops.

 Organic farming looks after the planet from the ground up; better soil health associated with organic farming can actually combat the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, storing it as soil organic carbon by absorbing it through the photosynthesising plants that grow on its surface. The Soil Association reports that on average organic farms store nearly 2 tonnes more CO2 per football-pitch sized area!

 Buying Organic

 For years organic food has been seen as something exclusive, expensive and out of reach. We celebrate organic September to show that organic food can be just as accessible, if not more, than making a trip to the supermarket.

 If you’re looking to make the switch to a more organic lifestyle, with our new website updates it’s never been easier. Our subscribe and save option allows you to have a recurring order delivered to your door on a day that suits you and with 5% off everything; perfect for when life gets busier towards the end of summer. Looking for more discounts? Eversfield Organic Rewards allows for you to gain points every time you shop, which amounts to money off vouchers towards our organic groceries.

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