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plastic free july organic fruit and vegetables

Plastic Free July  

Our top organic picks for a seasonal Plastic Free July... 


Although we understand that plastic has a place in the food industry, for hygiene, storage and transportation reasons, we fully believe in reducing the use of single-use plastic, and how this will positively impact the environment. Plastic Free July is a great campaign, run by the Plastic Free Foundation, that helps people and communities around the world reduce their reliance on single-use plastics. A large majority of our organic fruit and vegetables, available for nationwide delivery, use zero plastic. We’re here to highlight our top picks for a seasonal Plastic Free July, plus provide you with a great summer recipe using our plastic free, seasonal and organic Beetroot... 


What is Plastic Free July? 

Plastic Free July is a worldwide campaign, run by the Plastic Free Foundation, that helps millions around the world be a part of the plastic pollution solution. The aim is to reduce plastic waste, keeping our streets, oceans and communities cleaner. The movement, which provides resources on how to reduce single-use plastics, has over 100 million participants in 190 countries. The idea is that even small changes to our daily plastic-use habits can make a big difference to our communities. Kick start your Plastic Free (or at least plastic-reduced) July with our top picks of seasonal, organic fruit and veg – free from plastic not only this month, but always...  


plastic free fruit and veg for plastic free july 

Plastic Free Seasonal Picks 

We often associate the summer with a sweet, juicy, refreshing fruit, so it seems only natural that it’s here that we start with our favourites for Plastic Free July. Our organic Cherries are perfect this season, packed with their unique jammy flavour and delicious eaten straight from the pot. Our organic Kiwi Fruit is another great seasonal choice, with a sweet green flesh and crunchy seeds for a tasty treat. We’re also excited about our newly relaunched, seasonal organic Mini Watermelons. Not as small as you may think, these organic watermelons are large enough for big, juicy slices, but still small enough to be packed in our recyclable food boxes!  


Of course, seasonal growing isn’t all about organic fruit, as our organic vegetable range is also thriving this summer. We love adding organic Spring Onions to just about any summer salad, sliced raw and sprinkled generously. Our organic Beetroot is also a wonderful seasonal vegetable, with the colour to match. Earthy and sweet, this superfood is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it the ideal pairing with a warm summer’s day. If you fancy something a little different, why not opt for our seasonal, organic Pak Choi. A popular vegetable in China, similar to spring greens with crisp, crunchy leaves and a thick, creamy stalk. Mild in flavour, add this organic veg to your best stir fry recipe for a delicious summer dish.  


best stir fry recipe with organic spring onions seasonal veg


Plastic Free Weekly Essentials 

Whilst we’re big fans of trying new, seasonal organic fruit and vegetables, we of course know everybody needs to keep their kitchens filled with the essentials. Our best-selling organic White Potatoes, currently grown right here in the UK, are slow grown to organic standards making for the tastiest potatoes around. Likewise for the humble Carrot, a regular in our organic veg boxes, with a delicious crunch perfect for dunking in a summer dip or grated in a seasonal salad.  


Our popular, family favourite organic Apples offer a crisp, sweet and extra flavoursome bite as they’re free of artificial chemicals. Even better, our current varieties of Pippin and Gala are organically grown in the UK. Another lunchbox essential, organic Bananas are the ideal energy boost at any time of day and boast a whole range of health benefits too. Both are 100% organic and plastic free.   


Beetroot Hummus Recipe 

Bring some colour to your summer barbecues with this simple yet delicious organic beetroot hummus recipe. Made with our plastic free beetroot, we suggest serving it with a drizzle of olive oil and chopped herbs...  


organic beetroot hummus recipe, summer recipes, bbq season 

You’ll need: 


  1. Add chickpea water, lemon juice, olive oil, tahini, salt, beetroot and chickpeas (in that order!) to a blender and blend until smooth.  
  1. Depending on the consistency, add more chickpea water or cold water until it’s perfect.  
  1. Give the mixture a taste and add more lemon juice, salt or tahini until it’s to your taste.  
  1. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil, organic herbs or toasted sesame seeds and enjoy.  
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