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what's so good about organic meat?

The Root Of All Organic Goodness

When it comes to the food we eat, we all like to keep an eye on the nutritional content and consume the produce that ticks all the right health boxes. Unfortunately, not all food is created equal, and the nutrition that we intake stems right back to the roots.

Many meat lovers won't know that the conventional grass their favourite animals graze on is often grown with the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, which effectively strip the soil of important nutrients. The grass itself may look lush and green, but this is merely a smoke screen. This means that animals that eat this grass aren't getting the nutrition they need, and neither are you when you eat the meat from those animals.

what's so good about organic meat?

Image: We believe a happy herd translates to the tastiest meat.

As well as disrupting the natural goodness of their grass, some conventional farms use intensive farming methods that involve confining animals to small spaces and feeding them a diet primarily of grain, rather than grass. This not only affects the nutritional content of the meat, but also the welfare of the animals.

There's no need to fret though as we've got the solution to this problem. Opt for meat from our animals that have been raised on organic, pasture-fed grass. Our pasture-fed for life certified beef, lamb, and other meats are the perfect solution if you want to guarantee you're getting the highest quality nutrition possible from your food.

Our animals are raised on organic grass that is grown without the use of anything artificial. They are also allowed to graze freely on the pasture, which means they're roaming around and enjoying a varied diet rich in essential nutrients.

Eversfield Organic Grass-Fed Beef Cattle

Image: Our cattle are reared on an entirely natural and organic diet.

Additionally, our certifications ensure that the animals are raised in a humane and sustainable way. By choosing our meats, there's no need to worry about the ethical implications of your food choices.

Make the choices which benefit animal welfare, environmental sustainability and your own health. Get stuck into our meat range.

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