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Wholesome Winter Veg Recipes

Wholesome Winter Veg Recipes

Whilst winter isn’t traditionally seen as the most fruitful season, there’s still plenty of stunning seasonal produce harvested during this time, ready to be used in delicious winter dinners…

 Typically, we don’t associate winter with being a particularly bountiful season for growth and harvesting, and it’s easy to see why; no leaves on the trees, shorter days with less light and biting frosts which threaten seedlings. However, in this period before the Hungry Gap, there is still plenty of delicious seasonal produce being harvested, ready to be cooked up and made into some fantastic winter dishes.

 From leafy winter greens such as kale, cabbage and purple sprouting broccoli, to root veggies like carrots, parsnips and swede, you can find all your essential organic winter veg with us online, or by visiting one of our Southwest farm shops in Tavistock, Totnes and Marlborough.

 Here’s some of our favourite seasonal organic veg at the moment, alongside recipes to make the most of them…



Cauliflower crops planted back in October, November and December last year are ready to harvest by February, usually taking 3-5 months to mature. This versatile vegetable can be the star of the show in several dishes. One of our favourite ways to enjoy cauliflower is in a cauliflower cheese alongside a traditional Sunday roast, creamy, moreish, with a slight tang of mustard, you can’t go wrong with this classic!

 Get the recipe here.

Image: Our whole roasted cauliflower recipe isn't one to be missed!

Another amazing way to enjoy cauliflower is by roasting it whole. Inspired by Moroccan flavours, this delightfully spiced roast cauliflower recipe is perfect served with yoghurt and pomegranate seeds in a light and crisp flatbread.

 Get the recipe here.



Cabbage and kale can seem slightly lacklustre when just steamed and served on the side of a roast or mid-week meal, however these leafy greens are the perfect way to pack much needed vitamins and minerals into your meals and can be use in a surprising number of ways to create tasty and exciting dishes.

Turn leftover kale into a delicious pesto by whizzing it with pine nuts, parmesan and garlic in a blender, creating a smooth and tangy pesto sauce to stir through pasta and make a simple yet satisfying meal. 

Get the recipe here.

Image: A delicious way top make the most out of kale, try our kale pesto pasta recipe...



 One of our personal favourites, the slightly sweet and nutty flavour, combined with soft and creamy texture makes butternut squash a welcome addition to any veggie dish in our books.

 One of the beauties of squash is how you can cook it in a variety of ways, from roasting it whole to frying with butter or leaving to simmer until nice and soft. Use your organic squash in our creamy and slightly spicy squash and coconut curry recipe, the perfect way to warm up this winter, full of goodness and a great healthier way to satisfy the craving for a Friday night takeaway. Simply serve with rice or go one step further an make your own naan bread

 Get the recipe here.

Image: Nothing beats a warming curry on a cold winters evening...


Root Veg

Perhaps the hardiest of all crops, root veg is abundant during the winter months, making them perfect for winter stews and soups. Absorbing nutrients directly from the soil, varieties of root vegetables are also extremely healthy and hearty, a great way to fuel your body on chilly winter days.

 Here at Eversfield Organic we feel that swede is criminally under-appreciated for what it can bring to the table, sweet and earthy in flavour, with a delightful texture to be incorporated into a number of different recipes and used as an alternative to potato.

 To celebrate the humble swede, we teamed up with chef Rob Howell to create a recipe that really makes it shine and proves just how tasty it can be, using it as a veggie alternative to steak, fried in organic butter and served with a unique butterbean mash and tasty peppercorn sauce.

 Get the recipe here.


Image: The perfect recipe to honour the humble swede!

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