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Why Organic?

Certified organic by the Soil Association back in 2004, Eversfield Organic’s mission has always been to provide you with exceptional quality organic produce, which doesn’t cost the earth. Everything we do has sustainability in mind and carries forward our organic ethos.

So why choose Eversfield Organic?

Better for the Environment
Organic Farm

 From the ground up, we do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment, working with nature to farm instead of fighting against it.

We support farms that use less energy than intensive or traditional farming. This means that by supporting organic, we are reducing food miles and ultimately CO2 emissions, helping the fight against climate change. Organic farming also looks after wildlife, providing a haven for bees, birds insects and other creatures.

In fact, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms, making it a flourishing space for biodiversity.

Better for the Soil

Treating soil with a little TLC and nurturing it with organic compost, helps farms to thrive and means the surrounding microenvironment can flourish too.

As a non-renewable resource, once soil is gone it’s gone, which is why it’s so important for us to employ our closed loop sustainability system and regenerative farming efforts to protect it from soil erosion.

As part of this, we support farms that only use organic fertilisers and no pesticides or insecticides. They also employ rotational grazing, a method that moves livestock to different areas of the fields so it can rest and recover. This practice is proven to improve the pasture quality by 30-70%. Not only does keeping our soil healthy help us, but it also helps offset atmospheric CO2, sequestering and trapping it underground so it doesn’t contribute to climate change.

Organic Soil
Better for Animal Welfare
Organic Grass-Fed Beef

Feeding the animals on a natural pasture diet, free from growth hormones and grain, means they live a longer life, growing at a slower pace, as nature intended.

Grazing animals have digestive systems specially designed for pasture, so we ensure all our grazing livestock is 100% grass-fed, giving them the best diet possible, whilst keeping them happy and healthy.

Free to express their natural active and inquisitive behaviour by grazing outdoors, the animals are less likely to suffer from disease, with indoor living in conventional farming forcing the requirement of veterinary visits and antibiotics. Under organic standards, our suppliers will never administer routine antibiotics. However, if any of the animals need medical attention, they will of course act accordingly to get them back up to full health, then see out an extended withdrawal period to make sure antibiotic resistance does not enter the food chain.

Better for You

It makes sense that what you put in, is what you get out, meaning those nutrients that our animals gain from eating a 100% pasture diet are passed on to you when you eat our delicious meat.

The cuts are produced in our very own organic ethical butchery, have a gorgeous marbling effect, reducing the levels of saturated fats and boosting omega-3 fatty acids. Dairy products from grass-fed livestock also have more health benefits, such as high amounts of essential minerals and vitamins including calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

With all these benefits, its hard to think of reason not to choose organic!

Organic Food Delivery

Organic Food You Can Trust

Our Soil Association organic certification guarantees organic food you can trust. In the era of ‘greenwashing’ and faux sustainability claims, it can be hard to know where to make environmentally conscious purchases.

Our organic certification ensures the produce you are buying into, be that our grass-fed meat or dairy, is reared, grown, and produced according to strict standards which guarantee sustainability and animal welfare as top priorities.

We also stock a range of Pasture for Life certified beef and lamb and all our meat is 100% traceable back to the animal it came from.

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