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Organic Farming = Happy Livestock

Organic Farming = Happy Livestock

 It’s not only wildlife that benefits from organic farming; our livestock are also much happier and healthier being raised the organic way…

Gazing out over the fields surrounding the farm, it’s easy to see why our cattle enjoy such carefree lives. With endless pastures of lush green grass for them to graze and explore they really are living the good life, raised as naturally as possible on a pasture diet.

 Pasture for Life Certification

 We are proud to say all meat that originates from our farm is Pasture for Life certified, meaning our cattle are fed exclusively on a pasture and forage diet. Pasture is different to a grass-fed diet as it contains a variety of plant species including herbs, wildflowers and clovers that draw up extra nutrients from the soil, providing our cattle with a rich and nutritious diet. Free from growth hormones and grain designed to pack on weight, a pasture diet also means our animals live a longer life, growing at a slower, more natural pace.

 Able to express their natural behaviours and instincts when roaming the fields, our cattle live far better than those farmed conventionally, who often spend a good chunk of their lives indoors.

 Healthier Livestock

Pasture-fed livestock are much healthier than those raised indoors on a diet of cereals and soya. The natural vitamins and minerals our cattle gain through pasture feeding and foraging mean they are less disposed to illness, having better immunity. Studies have found other health benefits in pasture-fed animals include improved fertility, lower incidence of lameness and nutrition-based complaints, as well as reductions in intestinal worm infection, therefore lowering vet bills for farmers.

As per organic standards none of our animals are administered antibiotics, unless their heath urgently requires it, but on a pasture-fed diet this is of very low incidence anyway.

 Overall, our animals lead a rich and varied life, allowed to exhibit their natural behaviours, grazing our acres of fields here on the farm and as a result are happier and healthier than their indoor raised counterparts.

Buying organic meat from us means you are investing in the highest standards of animal welfare and as a result receiving meat of the highest quality, packed with more nutrition, flavour and health benefits for you.

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