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Your Guide To Subscribe and Save

Our subscribe and save option gives you 5% off our entire online farm shop when you opt in to a recurring order with us. Convenient and flexible, allowing you to choose the delivery day for your order and the interval it’s delivered at and the option to cancel or skip your subscription at any time; shopping organic has never been easier!

Continue reading to learn how to use subscribe and save and do the following:

  • Create a subscription
  • Manage your subscription
  • Manage your delivery

    Create A Subscription

    To create a subscription for the first time with us, first add your products to the basket, as you would for a one-off order.

    When you’ve filled your basket with everything you want, click on the basket and then click 'select delivery'.

    You will then be taken to a page where you can select your delivery date and how often you would like your delivery.

    Change your order from a one off by selecting your preferred delivery date and frequency from the drop-down menu – e.g., every week, to suit you. After doing so, you should see a 5% subscribe and save discount applied to all the products in your basket.

    Next, click check out.

    If you’re a new customer you’ll need to create an account with us, however if you have an existing account simply log in.

    Finish checking out to complete your order which will then be delivered to you at the frequency you selected.

    Manage your subscription

    To manage your subscription, first login then click the 'subscription' option in the right hand corner of our homepage.

    Here you’ll be greeted with a page displaying all your current subscribed to products and their next delivery date.

    Skip a Product from Your Subscription

    If you would like to skip a product from your subscription being delivered one week, click the green button next to the item that says ‘skip’.

    Once you have skipped a product it will be allocated to your next delivery slot, according to the frequency you selected. Skipped items will appear under a tab called ‘future delivery’, where you can un-skip them if you mistakenly skip a product or change your mind about skipping it.

    To un-skip just click the ‘move to next delivery’ button listed alongside the product. The product will then be moved back into your original delivery slot.


    Pause a Product from Your Subscription

    Pausing a product from your subscription will mean it won’t appear in your recurring orders until you choose to put it back, unlike skipping an item where it will be diverted into your future delivery.

    To pause an item from your subscription, click the ‘pause’ button listed next to the product you’d like to pause.

    The item will then be moved to the ‘paused items’ tab:

    To resume the item and move it back into your recurring order go to paused items and then click the ‘resume’ button.

    The item will then be moved back into your recurring order, and you will receive it at the delivery frequency selected.

    Add a Product to Your Subscription

    To add a product to your subscription, click the product you’d like to add and select the option ‘subscribe and save 5%’.

    The product will be able to be viewed in ‘manage subscriptions’ and be part of your recurring order.

    Manage your delivery

    To change the day of your recurring order on the ‘your delivery day’ tab select from the drop-down menu the new day you’d like it to be.

    Changing Delivery Frequency

    To change the delivery frequency of your subscription order, please give our customer service team a call on 01837 871400 or email us at

    Cancel Your Subscription

    To cancel your subscription, you can pause all the items individually, meaning they will not appear in your recurring order and therefore you will not be charged. However they will remain in ‘paused items’, so if at any time you want to start your subscription again you can simply resume all items.

    Alternatively, you can give our customer service team a call on 01837 871400 or email us at



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