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organic christmas turkey leftovers recipes

What to Do with Your Christmas Leftovers

Christmas this year is set to be a little different. With seeing loved ones a bit harder, you may feel inclined to scale back on the amount of food you’re going to buy. However, at Eversfield Organic we think an excellent Christmas is rooted at what you place on your dinner table. After all, Christmas only comes once a year so why not indulge?

Making the most of your Christmas leftovers doesn’t have to be boring. We know that eating Turkey sandwiches for a week can get a bit tedious, and as much as we love Christmas classics like bubble & squeak, we think this festive season is as good as any to break some of those traditions.


Whether you’re a traditional Turkey lover, opting for a delicious Duck, gorgeous Goose or something a little more left-wing (no pun intended) such as Beef or Pork, we’ve got a recipe for you. Before we start, make sure you carve your leftovers right away, allow to cool at room temperature and transfer the meat to an airtight container and place in the fridge or freezer.  


Leftover Centrepieces

Warming Turkey Soup – A festive dinner for the whole family, our Warming Turkey Soup serves four and only takes 30 minutes to prepare. We love adding a mild chilli to this dish for a hot and spicy seasonal delight.

Turkey Tacos – Whilst Christmas is all about British traditions, we like to mix things up with these Turkey Tacos. An unusual but welcome change, the tacos serve four and only take a mere 20 minutes to cook. If you preferred Beef over a classic Turkey, check out our Beef Fajita recipe.

Turkey Tikka Masala – Another refreshing dish to serve after Christmas, our Turkey Tikka Masala is one for those with more time. Coating the leftover Turkey with a traditional Indian marinate overnight, this curry is sure to reignite the taste buds.

Turkey and Mushroom Pie – If you happen to have a lot of Turkey left over (it happens to the best of us), why not try this spin on a classic. Serve a slice of our pie with leftover Christmas dinner vegetables.

organic turkey and mushroom pie leftovers recipes

Chicken and Bacon Pasta – An easy way to use up left over chicken and bacon from the big day is to throw it into a saucepan with some organic pasta and a delicious creamy sauce. Minimal ingredients mean a trip to the shops is less likely, plus this dish works with Turkey too.

Sticky Wings – If you’re not a fan of adding your bird wings to your Christmas dinner, save them for a mid-week treat with Sticky Grapefruit & Honey Wings. This recipe also works for the legs of the bird too.

Boxing Day Risotto – This cosy bowl works with roasted Turkey, Goose, Duck or Chicken, lovingly made with a homemade stock. When you’ve tried it once, we think this dish will become a new post-Christmas tradition.

organic boxing day risotto leftovers recipe

Beef Chilli Con Carne – For the beef lovers, this comforting classic offers a little spice to the festive season. If you’re feeling adventurous, try substituting the suggested vegetables for any Christmas dinner leftovers.

Ginger & Spring Onion Pork Broth – Whilst not a go-to for Christmas day meats, any left-over Pork is perfect for a warming, nutritious and flavoursome soup. This dish can be upgraded by adding in any leftover veggies.


Other Festive Ideas

Of course, it’s not just meat that’s left over from Christmas dining. Have you considered using the last of a Cheeseboard to make a festive Macaroni Cheese? Or even better, add the cheeses to any leftover cauliflower for a tasty Cauliflower Cheese (Broccoli could work too!). Leftover ham or bacon makes a delicious addition to this dish too.

organic mac and cheese recipe christmas leftovers


If you’re wanting to shake up the mound of sweet treats you’ve most likely collected over the festivities, you could try making a Christmas Pudding Crumble or adding any unused Pudding to Pancakes for a scrumptious Boxing Day breakfast. Use up the last of any Christmas cake, biscuit tins, chocolate boxes and nuts in a Festive Rocky Road big enough to add a slice to packed lunches come January.

Speaking of January, if you’re planning on going dry you can use up any leftover red wine by creating a mulled wine granita. In addition, spice up Christmas cocktails by freezing unused cranberries into ice cubes.

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