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Why Buy Grass Fed Meat this Father’s Day?

Dads do a lot for us, from giving the best Fatherly advice to helping with DIY (sometimes). With this in mind, we think that Dads across the country should be treated to a delicious, organic meal this Father’s Day. Whether your Dad prefers to kick start his day with a hearty breakfast or settle down for a grass fed, organic beef steak for supper, we’ve got you covered.


But why buy grass fed meat this Father’s Day? There’s a whole heap of reasons why grass fed, organic meat should be on the top of your Father’s Day shopping list. In this article, we’ll explain a few of the reasons why, plus offer our opinion on the best organic meat to truly treat Dad.



Why Grass Fed?

Grass Fed meat is a term that we see and hear quite regularly. Many supermarkets and butchers claim their meat is grass fed. Whilst it might be true that they feed their animals some grass, many are not grass fed and finished for the entirety of their lives. A lot of the labels you see when you’re doing your weekly shop can be a little misleading when they claim their meat is grass fed, as they supplement their livestock with grain to “finish them off” a little quicker.

Grass fed for life native Aberdeen Angus 

That’s where we come in. At Eversfield Organic, we allow our animals to feed on our organic pasture from birth, for a minimum of 200 days of the year. Even some of the best perceived high welfare supermarkets only guarantee their animals 120 days minimum of outdoor grazing. Our livestock are never given growth hormones or grain designed to pack on weight, meaning they live a longer, happier life and grow at a more natural pace. Even when our cattle are tucked away during the winter, we only feed them on preserved organic pasture.


Not only does grass feeding our animals leave them happier and healthier, but it’s also better for the environment. Our grazing cattle help to keep our soils fertile by keeping the grass trim, plus grass fed cattle produce less methane than grain fed. The nutrients picked up by our Aberdeen Angus also makes for a delicious, healthier choice of meat, from field to fork. Grass fed meat is proven to hold 3 times the amount of Omega-3, vitamins A & E and antioxidants. In addition, the fat on a cut of grass fed, organic meat is healthier than the saturated fats found on a grain fed cuts. This beautiful marbling also boosts the tasty, meaty flavour and improves the texture of our grass fed meat.


So, what are you waiting for? Treat Dad to a grass fed cut of his favourite meat this Father’s Day and rest easy knowing you’re also helping the animals, the environment and your Dad’s health! Here’s our top meaty picks for the celebration...



A Cut or Two…

As you may have guessed, at Eversfield Organic we’re extremely proud of our grass fed beef and organic meat. Our selection of organic meat boxes could also make for brilliant Father’s Day gift ideas, from our Friday Night in Box offering everything you need for a steak supper (and it’s just as good on a Sunday) to our Steak Club Box, perfect for trying a variety of grass fed and organic meat.

Eversfield Organic grass fed organic steaks father's day gift 

If you already know Dad’s favourite cut, why not treat him to a premium, organic meat delivery? Our 28-day dry aged organic beef presents a truly meaty, flavoursome taste. This is thanks to our native Aberdeen Angus grazing our organic pasture, and only chomping down on preserved pasture during the winter. Our 100% grass fed and finished cattle ensure an organic beef cut that is beautifully marbled and, combined with our 28-day hanging, presents a flavour that is second to none.


Our organic lamb is also 100% grass fed, with these happy little sheep spending their lives free to roam the fields of Dartmoor. Grazing on organic grass and clover gives the organic meat a healthy covering of fat and marbling similar to our organic beef, creating meltingly soft, tender and flavourful organic, grass fed lamb. Try our Lamb Rump Steaks pan grilled and served alongside organic potatoes this Father’s Day.



Breakfast Fit for a King

Our brand-new Breakfast Box is all you need to whip up a show-stopping breakfast for Dad this Father’s Day. Cracked black pepper adds a kick to our traditional recipe organic pork sausages made from outdoor bred and reared pigs. These pair perfectly with dry cured, unsmoked and thick cut organic back bacon and our new lightly spiced, organically produced black pudding. The Laverstoke Black Pudding is made using a rare Scottish recipe and free from nitrates, preservatives and artificial colours.


Of course, no fry up is complete without some organic vegetables, so our breakfast box also includes organic chestnut mushrooms and organic white onions, delicious when fried up and served alongside the organic meat. The meal can then be topped off with a helping of Mr Organic’s baked beans which are bursting with antioxidants – nutritious and tasty.

Father's day gift box, organic father's day gifts


What’s your opinion on the grass fed for life debate? Let us know on our social media channels Instagram (@eversfield_organic), Twitter (@eversfieldorg) or Facebook (Eversfield Organic).

To make sure Dad receives his organic meat delivery in time for Fathers’ Day 2021, place your order before 10am on Wednesday 16th June.

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