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Wild Food: Elderflower Infusion Kombucha with Boo Chi Kombucha

Combine naturally fermented organic kombucha with wild foraged elderflower syrup for a Boo Chi Elderflower Infusion

The Boo Chi team pours their passion for natural, organic ingredients into every bottle of their organic kombucha range ensuring each sip bursts with health and taste. 

Their naturally fermented organic kombucha full of live cultures is the perfect partner to the crisp tastes of turmeric and black pepper, Korean ginseng, fresh mint, fresh strawberry and fresh ginger. Explore endless drink possibilities by mixing these delightful flavours with spirits or non-alcoholic mixers. The only limit is your imagination.

When they heard of our wild food month, Boo Chi were excited to join the celebration with a special hedgerow harvest treat featuring elderflower, the prized gem of our wild exploration. Briefly in bloom, gorgeously scented and beautifully aromatic, elderflower is an ingredient worth hunting for.

Using their
Ultimate Organic Kombucha Making Kit, they have an exclusive recipe for a Boo Chi Elderflower Infusion.

Start by brewing your own kombucha using the Boo Chi Ultimate Organic Kombucha Making Kit .

Using the kit provided you will make your first 2.5 litres of kombucha.  Once it’s ready, decant your original kombucha (first ferment) into the 1 litre glass bottle provided.  You will then need to make a “wild elderflower” syrup for flavouring. 

For the elderflower syrup, you will need:

1 cup of water

1/3 cup of organic sugar

2 cups of freshly foraged elderflower

Note: When foraging for elderflower make sure you cut the flowers from the stem leaving all the heads in clusters at the top.  When home give them a wash with cold water and a good shake to make sure to remove any little insects - they are incredible food pollinators so can attract some bugs!


Place the water and sugar in a pan and bring to just before boiling point and stir the sugar until completely dissolved.  Allow to fully cool.

Using a clean, sterilised glass jar, place the clean elderflower inside and pour the syrup over the top, allowing it to steep for 1-2 days until it takes on the flavour of the elderflower.

Once ready, strain the elderflower syrup using the stainless steel strainer provided in your Ultimate Organic Kombucha Making kit.

Using the same funnel pour a small amount of elderflower syrup (roughly 4 tsp) into your 1 litre kombucha bottle, close the lid and leave to ferment for 2-3 days making sure you “burp” the bottle daily to release the buildup of CO2.

It’s then ready to drink! Pour over ice or drink directly from the fridge!

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