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7 ways to use our organic bone broth

Here at Eversfield, we’re practically obsessed with ways in which you can improve your health on the whole. One such way is through the consumption of broth.

Our team of chefs perfected the recipe in our Home Farm Kitchen. They have now shared their favourite ways to use the delicious concoction.

Firstly, if you haven’t already familiarised yourself with our range, where have you been? Check out our Beef Bone BrothChicken Bone Broth and Vegetable Broth now. All broths are lovingly crafted in small batches by our team and as such exclusive to Eversfield Organic.

We roast the bones of our organic carcasses for over 24 hours. The definition of slow-roasted goodness!


What’s so good about broths?

Without wishing to over-exaggerate; everything! A cup of hot broth can do wonders for your body. Firstly, it’s intensely rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These substances work to maintain healthy bones, teeth and regulate body function.

You’ll also be dosing up on collagen and amino acids. Superb aids for digestion, inflammatory reduction and overall gut health. As well as providing the building blocks for shiny skin and hair.

Broths are also packed with glucosamine and chondroitin, two substances proven to reduce joint pain and improve mobility. Further, glycine, a substance which supports the natural detoxification process of the liver.

Our broths are 100% organic. This means no artificial preservatives, additives, or harmful chemicals are used in production. An added bonus!

So, there’s no doubt that broth can enhance your health. But how is best to consume this miracle food?


How to eat our homemade broths

What heightens the value of our broths is their sheer versatility. You can glean the super health powers of broth through some seriously tasty dishes. Here are seven of our favourite uses.


1. Soup Base

Adding a few generous cups of bone broth to the base of your soup can transform the blandest of ingredients. We suggest utilising our vegetable broth in an onion, potato and cheddar soup.

Got your eyes on our beef or chicken bone broth? You really can’t go wrong with other ingredient combinations. Check out our cock-a-leekie soup recipe for reference!


2. Stew Base

Award-winning organic meat stewing in a wholesome broth? What’s not to love? Our beef bone broth enhances the flavour of several classic dishes. Examples include beef bourguignon, chilli con carne, and braised beef in Guinness.

If you've got more bone broth recipes you think we'll love, be sure to let us know!


bone broth recipes

Image: The heartiest of meals?


3. Marinate

Our organic meats can become more succulent (no, really) when marinated for a few hours in a broth. Grab a cut of your choice and cover it in a bath of our broths. The result will likely be the most tender, tasty meat you’ve had in a long time.


4. Risotto

Don’t know what to do with your leftovers? Grab some risotto rice along with one of our broths and you’ve got the recipe for a new family favourite. Take a look at our Boxing Day Risotto using leftover turkey and trimmings to inspire your next creation.


5. Ramen Bowl

Try adding a cup of beef bone broth to our beef sirloin noodle creation and you won’t be disappointed! The noodles and fresh veggies work to soak up all the broth’s goodness. This will create the juiciest bed for our grass-fed sirloin to take pride of place.

bone broth uk

Image: Our broths are also delicious when simply warmed through.



6. Gravy

Roast dinners just got that little bit tastier. All three of our broths are guaranteed to light up your roast, no matter the centrepiece. You'll have friends and family begging for the gravy recipe!


7. Drink

All the health benefits of our broth in a quick, easy and fuss-free method. Simply simmer in a pan until warmed through and you’ve got yourself a cup of ready-to-drink organic goodness.

If you’ve got any other ways that you like to consume our broths, we’d love to hear from you!

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