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A Day with The Wild Chefs Devon

A Day with The Wild Chefs 
‘Everything tastes better outdoors’ – Claudia Roden

With the sun on our backs and the sound of waves hitting the shore, the smell of our organic lamb koftas sizzling on the grill was irresistible. Watching Andy, one half of the Wild Chefs team, prepare a quick slaw to accompany the already barbecued organic chicken drumsticks we were about to tuck into, we couldn’t help thinking that we might just have the best job in the world.

We have long been admirers of Andy and Ben, the two foodies behind the Wild Chefs Devon social media accounts. Their enthusiasm for cooking simple, delicious meals in the beautiful Devon countryside is infectious, making us hungry every time we watch one of their engaging videos. So, they were the natural choice when we wanted to showcase our organic summer barbecue range, and their passion for using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients meant that they were keen to sample some of our delicious organic meat too.

As the chefs behind Four Elements Catering, a successful catering company for weddings, special occasions, and corporate events, Andy and Ben are no strangers to high-pressure cooking, so their alter egos as the Wild Chefs Devon allow them to slow down, share their love of simple cooking in the outdoors, while enjoying all the benefits that being in nature provides. They say:

"We find getting out of the kitchen into the open air as a switch off from the day routine of kitchen life. As soon as you light the stove or the barbecue you can relax and unwind enjoying some amazing flavour. There is something special about the smells and sounds of cooking outdoors that everyone should experience."

We accompanied Andy and Ben to the glorious south coast of Devon to set up their grill on Bovisand Beach. On the menu were our Eversfield Organic sticky ginger chicken drumsticks, piri-piri chicken wings, and lamb koftas. The Wild Chefs showed us how to prepare a fire quickly and demonstrated the art of open-fire cooking despite the gusty breeze. Served with simple sides of slaw, tzatziki, and relish, we were delighted with the tasty results that highlighted the tender, juicy textures and rich flavours of our organic meat.

After our beachside lunch, we were invited by the family behind the gorgeous Hareston Manor to explore their beautiful grounds and cook up a feast for us all to try. It is easy to see why Hareston Manor is such a popular choice for weddings; with their 12th-century chapel, manicured lawns, and hidden leafy glades, it is like something from a fairytale. The lush gardens and historic charm of the estate provided an enchanting venue for the second part of our culinary adventure.

In the grounds of the chapel, a Kamado Joe smoker and grill had been patiently slow-cooking our paprika and sea salt beef brisket, the smell of which made us hungry again despite our recent beach banquet. 
About their approach to cooking, Andy and Ben tell us:

"Our ethos towards cooking in general is to buy the best produce and keep it simple."

While the brisket tenderised, the versatility of the Kamado Joe was put to good use in preparing our garden mint butterflied organic leg of lamb. Andy and Ben showed us how to baste and turn the lamb regularly to ensure even cooking and prepared the sauces and sides that they had chosen to accompany these meat centrepieces. Andy explained his choice of sides to us by saying:

" Eversfield meat is always full of flavour and needs little dressing. Make an amazing dish with a touch of seasoning and cook over coal, it’s a perfect partnership."

Our Devon chilli beef burgers were the finishing touch. Andy and Ben set to work on a fire pit grill, letting the coals burn to an even hot temperature perfect for grilling our organic meat patties. By this time, the smell of barbecue had tempted the Hareston Manor team out into the sunshine of their walled garden, eager to sample this wild menu. The Wild Chefs showed how a few simple accompaniments could turn a basic barbecue into a gourmet affair while keeping our expertly butchered and prepared organic meat the stars of the show.

We ate with our fingers in the golden light of the late afternoon sunshine; shredded tender beef brisket dipped in whisky sauce, juicy minted lamb piled onto flatbreads and chilli burgers loaded with pork belly bites and melted slices of cheese, whilst Roux and Betsy, the Hareston Manor dogs, waited patiently to catch any scraps that fell from our hands. 
Rowland from Hareston Manor called our impromptu banquet: 

"A delicious feast worthy of being served at any wedding here at Hareston” and proclaimed “we will definitely be recommending Eversfield products for our weddings and dining experiences".

Our time with the Wild Chefs was more than just a cooking demonstration; it was an immersive experience that combined their passion for wild, sustainable cooking and our commitment to the best quality, organic meats, making this day an unforgettable celebration of good food and great company.

Make this your summer of wild food and wild feasts. Whether you’re planning a beachside barbecue or a garden party, let the flavours of our organic meats and the inspiration from Ben and Andy guide your culinary adventures.


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For more on Ben and Andy’s culinary philosophy and wild cooking techniques, follow them on Instagram here

To find out more about Hareston Manor and plan your next event, visit their website here

To prepare your own wild banquet, choose your organic meat box here.


Remember: Always act responsibly and with respect to nature and other people when cooking outdoors. Seek permission from the landowner, or follow the local by-laws. It is forbidden to light a fire on Dartmoor National Park due to the risk of wildfires and damage to the wildlife.

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