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organic turkey for christmas from free range organic farms

A Turkey for Christmas

Our Christmas Shop is Now Open and First on our List is…


The days are getting colder, the nights are drawing in and if you’re like us in Devon, everything is getting soggier (thanks, rain). These wintery factors can only mean one thing: Christmas is on the way. Although the big day may be a little while off, at Eversfield Organic we think there’s more reason than ever to get excited about Christmas 2021.


Most of us saw a different type of festive period last year, unable to see loved ones and enjoy a Christmas filled with family and friends – one of the main things to celebrate at this time of year. With this in mind, we’ve stacked our virtual shelves with everything you need for the perfect Christmas spread to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest. First on our list is a free range, organic turkey


But Why Do We Have Turkey at Christmas?

Research shows that over 85% of Britons choose turkey at Christmas, equating to a whopping 10 million turkeys ending up on dinner tables in the UK each year. A true Christmas tradition, for many the first thing on the festive shopping list is a Christmas turkey (around 25% of Brits secure theirs in advance). But where does this tradition come from?


It’s thought that explorers of the “New World” brought turkeys back from the Americas to the UK, where they were domestically reared in rural areas of the country such as Norfolk and Suffolk. Setting more modern trends than we can count, typically it was King Henry VIII who first enjoyed a roast turkey at Christmas way back in the 16th century. However, it’s thought that it wasn’t actually until the Victorian Era that the Christmas Turkey was popularised. King Edward VII is the monarch associated with the popularisation of the Christmas Turkey. However, like many contemporary festive traditions, we probably have Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to thank for this one.

  organic norfolk black turkeys, heritage turkeys from Eversfield Organic


But it wasn’t just royals and writers who enjoyed a turkey at Christmas. Although they may have been the catalyst, throughout the 17th century a turkey dinner rose in popularity alongside Christmas goose. Before the introduction of the turkey, families would enjoy a goose or other Christmas meat including chicken, beef, boar’s head or even peacock. But farmers were quick to realise the potential of a turkey. Choosing this Christmas meat meant they could keep their chickens and cows alive throughout the winter to provide essential milk and eggs. Plus, turkeys were usually much bigger than a chicken or goose, meaning the whole family were catered for.


An Eversfield Organic Turkey

At Eversfield Organic, we pride ourselves on supplying the very best organic turkeys right here from the heart of Dartmoor National Park. All our organic turkeys are slow grown for a juicier fat covering and hung for two weeks to develop that second-to-none taste and texture. Completely free range, the turkeys are allowed to explore the pasture rich fields and forage for their own tasty treats alongside a feed of organic cereals and oats. Their natural diet and slow development means no growth promoters are ever needed. Their exploring during the day often tires them out, so our free range turkeys are carefully tucked away at night. What’s more, our organic turkeys are stunned rather than gassed at local abattoirs, meaning we’ve got plenty to go around. We offer two types of turkey at Eversfield Organic, Norfolk Black and Bronze, but which should you plump for?


Norfolk Black Turkey

Often considered to be the oldest breed of turkey in Britain, Norfolk Blacks are thought to be descendants of birds brought to the UK from Spanish explorers returning from the “New World”. Our heritage, organic Norfolk Black Turkeys are closer to a wild bird in taste and texture, presenting a more game-like flavour.


organic family run farm that rears free range bronze turkeys for christmas


Our organic Norfolk Black Turkeys are from a family-run farm on the edge of Dartmoor where the family have been rearing Christmas turkeys for more than 30 years. Alongside, we also gain a handful of Norfolk Blacks from our friend Rosie, whose farm is only 10 minutes from our own. Rosie is one of only very few registered organic producers in the UK to breed and hatch her own Christmas turkeys. This year, Good Housekeeping named our Norfolk Blacks amongst their best Organic Whole Turkeys, plus it was the choice of King Henry VIII too. Our organic Norfolk Black Turkeys are a truly unique Christmas centrepiece choice.


Bronze Turkey

Bronze Turkeys are also a domestic breed of British turkey, whose name is reflective of their iridescent bronze feathers. Going back through history, Bronze Turkeys were the most popular choice in America before being brought to England. In the UK, the American varieties were bred with wild turkeys to produce a large, robust and tame classic British breed. Our Organic Bronze Turkeys have a more traditional, mellow taste.


Our Bronze Turkeys are also from the family farm on Dartmoor, who use traditional farming methods and slow growth to produce their organic turkeys. Their hard work was rewarded last year as they gained a 1-Star Great Taste Award for their Bronze Turkeys. We are also lucky enough to secure organic Bronze Turkeys from our year-round poultry provider Ross. For a beautifully traditional Christmas dinner, choose our organic Bronze Turkey.


organic bronze turkey from eversfield organic, free range christmas turkey


Is an organic turkey the first thing on your Christmas shopping list? Browse our full Christmas collection and secure your Christmas delivery space today to avoid disappointment.

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