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An Eversfield Organic Christmas

Whether your style is classic traditional or modern luxury, we have the star centrepiece for your Christmas feast.

When it comes to choosing the perfect centrepiece for your Christmas entertaining, the options are as diverse as your holiday traditions. At Eversfield Organic, we offer an outstanding selection of high welfare, organic meats that are sure to make your Christmas celebration one to remember.


Organic Turkey - The Family Favourite

The classic Christmas turkey is always a showstopper, and at Eversfield Organic, we take this seasonal tradition to new heights. Our organic heritage Norfolk Black Turkeys are reared with care on a family run farm in Dartmoor National Park. We take the time to hang these turkeys for two weeks, allowing their flavours to mature, resulting in a succulent and flavoursome choice for your Christmas table.


Eversfield Organic Turkey Centrepiece

Organic Beef - The Crowd Pleaser

If you're looking to delight your guests with a Christmas feast that leaves a lasting impression, our premium grass-fed organic beef is your ultimate crowd-pleaser. Dry-aged for 28 days, our beef exhibits a depth of flavour that is truly exceptional. We offer a range of cuts to suit all party sizes and budgets, ensuring that you can serve up a mouthwatering masterpiece that is both satisfying and indulgent.

Eversfield Organic Beef Christmas Centrepiece


Organic Goose - The Traditional Table

For those who long for the charm of Christmases past, our free-range organic geese are a nostalgic treat that embodies tradition. Our geese are rich in flavour and indulgence, making them a perfect pairing for your traditional Christmas feast. 


Eversfield Organic Goose Christmas Centrepiece

Organic Pork - The Christmas Cracker

Pork joints or roasted ham are a brilliant option for your Christmas Eve banquet or the big day itself. Our pork comes from free-range, outdoor-bred and reared pigs, ensuring that you can taste the difference in every bite. A pork centrepiece has timeless appeal but it is a modern choice for Christmas lunch, making it a true cracker for your festive spread.


Eversfield Organic Ham Christmas Centrepiece

Organic Game - The Wildcard

For the adventurous cooks amongst us, wild game is a lean and flavoursome choice that adds a unique twist to your holiday table. Our game options range from venison to pigeon, pheasant, and partridge, offering a variety of bold and robust flavours for a memorable menu.


Organic Lamb - The Simple Star

Our grass-fed organic lamb joints are perfect for gatherings of all sizes. With ready rolled joints that are easy to carve, they are the ideal choice for a melt-in-the-mouth roast that's as convenient as it is delicious. Whether you're hosting a large family dinner or an intimate gathering of friends, our organic lamb takes the guesswork out of your Christmas meal preparation.


Eversfield Organic Lamb Christmas Centrepiece

The Wellington - The Stress-Free Solution

If you're looking to take the stress out of Christmas hosting, our beef, chicken and venison wellingtons, handmade in our Home Farm kitchen, are the perfect solution. These prime wild and organic meats are encased in mouth-watering puff pastry, creating a simple centrepiece that leaves you more time for entertaining. They offer an effortless way to serve a gourmet masterpiece without the fuss.


Eversfield Organic Venison Wellington Christmas Centrepiece


Your Christmas table deserves nothing less than an Eversfield Organic Christmas centrepiece. Our range of exceptional organic meats promises to elevate your festive celebration, offering a delectable array of options that cater to your unique style and preferences. Whether you choose a classic favourite or embrace the allure of the wild side, our organic meats will bring the spirit of the season to your table.


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