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Cheese With Everything

Cheese lovers unite with these six ideas for cooking with our organic, grass fed cheddar


When it comes to cheese, there's no middle ground – you either love it passionately or not at all. If you're the type to opt for the cheese board over dessert, then you're undoubtedly a true cheese aficionado.

In our kitchen, we consider a creamy and tasty mature cheddar, such as our Lye Cross Grass Fed Cheddar, an essential ingredient. Its bold and distinctive taste has the power to turn ordinary meat dishes into something extraordinary. From hearty beef burgers to comforting casseroles, we think that most things are improved by adding our organic mature cheddar. 

Allow us to tempt you with six mouthwatering ideas.


Beef & Cheddar Burger

What is better than a burger? A cheese burger. Forget processed cheese slices, for a proper cheese burger you need a thick slab of mature cheddar melting over a juicy patty of our prime grass fed, organic beef steak mince. Add some caramelised onions and a dollop of homemade relish for a burger that no drive-through can match.

Shepherd's Pie with Cheesy Mash

Lamb and mature cheddar might not be an obvious pairing, but what if we said the words ‘cheesy mash’? Mashed potatoes are already high on the list for the most moreish way to have your potatoes, and adding a handful of grated cheese whilst you mash through your butter just increases the creaminess and a pleasing salty flavour. Add a topping of cheesy mash to your organic lamb mince shepherd’s pie and sprinkle some grated organic mature cheddar over the top before cooking. The bottom layer of cheesy mash will soak up the unctuous lamb gravy whilst the top will crisp up to perfection. Excuse us whilst we go make it right now.

Pulled Pork Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Upgrade your cheese on toast game with our organic mature cheddar and tender pulled pork. Follow our recipe for barbecue pulled pork, then layer slices of cheese and pulled pork between two slices of crusty bread, then toast under the grill until the cheese is gooey and melted and the bread is golden brown. 

Hunter's Chicken

In a perfect example of our current motto - that everything is improved by adding cheese on top - our organic mature cheddar is the secret ingredient that takes Hunter's Chicken from good to irresistible . Top your chicken breasts with crispy bacon, smother them in tangy tomato sauce, and finish with a generous sprinkling of grated cheese before baking to golden perfection. Enjoy with a classic side of mashed potatoes, we might suggest taking it up a notch with some cheesy mash. Is there ever such a thing as too much cheese?

Beef Casserole with Cheese Dumplings

Comfort food doesn’t get better than a casserole made with our organic, grass fed diced beef steak in a rich meaty gravy, topped with suet dumplings that are equal parts pillowy soft and pleasingly rib sticking. Adding organic mature cheddar to your dumplings adds another layer of cheesy indulgence, making it a warm hug of a dish.

Cheese Topped Pork Chops

For a simple yet satisfying dinner, top your pork chops with slices of our organic mature cheddar before grilling or baking. The cheese forms a golden crust on top of the chops, adding flavour and moisture to the meat.


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