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Choose What You'll Use With Our Free Meal Planner

Banish food waste with our downloadable meal planner

We take food waste seriously here at Eversfield Organic. From the organic soil to our recyclable delivery boxes, eliminating waste is built into our whole business, and especially when it comes to our organic meat.

We value every part of the animals our organic farmers raise, so our butchery team operates a nose-to-tail philosophy which utilises all parts of the animal, rather than just the traditional cuts to reduce wastage and lessen the environmental impact of meat production. We also are a big fan of these less known cuts and we want you to discover them too. 

WRAP, the climate activist NGO behind Love Food, Hate Waste and Food Waste Action Week estimates that 4.7 million tonnes of food that is still good to eat is thrown away in the UK every year, a frankly staggering figure, so this year’s Food Waste Action Week is about encouraging shoppers to adopt a Choose What You’ll Use ethos when filling their trolley.

In order to help you minimise your food waste, save money and make the most of your ingredients, we have designed you a meal planner, so you too can Choose What You’ll Use.

Meal planning is a simple yet effective strategy to combat food waste. By carefully planning your meals in advance, you can avoid overbuying ingredients, utilise leftovers efficiently, and ensure that everything in your pantry gets used before it expires. Even better, it puts a stop to unnecessary trips to the supermarket and the temptations of the chocolate aisle.

Unconvinced? Here are 5 reasons why this meal planner will change your life (well, your shopping habits at least):

  1. By planning meals in advance, you buy only what you need and use up ingredients before they go off, thereby reducing the amount of food that ends up in the bin.

  2. Meal planning saves time during the week by streamlining food shopping and meal preparation. The question What's For Dinner? will always have an answer. 

  3. Planning meals helps you stick to a budget by avoiding impulse purchases and making the most of ingredients you already have on hand. It also reduces the likelihood of last minute takeaways, which are invariably more expensive than cooking at home.

  4. When you plan your meals ahead of time, you have more control over what you eat, making it easier to incorporate nutritious foods into your diet and try out new recipes. If you get the whole family involved in choosing the meals each week, it will cut down on whinging* at meal times.
    (*lack of whinging not guaranteed)

  5. Knowing what you'll be eating throughout the week eliminates the stress of deciding what to cook each day especially when you are all back from work and school hungry and tired.

So, we may be exaggerating slightly - our meal planner may not change your life, but it can help you get control of your time, shopping and budget and make a positive impact on the world. Not bad for something you can download for free.

Get started this Food Waste Action Week and download your Eversfield Organic meal planner now.




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