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eversfield organic and eating better for the future of sustainability

Eating Better with Eversfield Organic


We’re chuffed that our friends at The Eating Better alliance chose our organic farm to use as a case study for the first instalment of the Eating Better films. The first video, titled ‘Producing Better’, aims to showcase businesses and organisations helping to eat less but better meat. The video series comes as part of Eating Better’s “Better by Half” roadmap, working towards stimulating a change in meat and dairy consumption in the UK.


Eating Better

Eating Better consists of over 60 civil society organisations who want to improve the production and consumption of meat and dairy. Driving the process and accelerating action for this stems from the desire to aid our health, the environment, animal welfare and social justice. But of course, the main goal of the alliance to get everyone eating better.


Their Better by Half roadmap is a carefully detailed plan of action to reduce meat and dairy consumption by 50% in the UK before 2030. The end goal of the campaign is transitioning to consumption of better meat and dairy as standard, helping everyone to eat better. This will have beneficial outcomes for the environment, human health, animal welfare standards and make better use of land.


The roadmap features 24 actions spanning across 5 sectors to drive the transformation in production and eating habits across the country. These sectors include food service, food retail, the government, producers and processors, and investors. The first video in Eating Better’s new film trilogy further explores how producers and processors can switch to better meat and dairy production, using Eversfield Organic as a case study.



Producing Better

Organic farming works in tandem with nature, helping wildlife big and small, looking after non-renewable resources such as the soil and supporting a higher standard of animal welfare. As seen in the ‘Producing Better’ film, the Eversfield Organic farm utilises natural farming methods, grass feeding our herd of traditional Aberdeen Angus cattle who live in smaller herds. Their slow rearing, outdoor lifestyle reduces the need for routine antibiotics and allows them to live their most natural life. Not to mention results in delicious, ethically produced organic beef with the environment and human health in mind.

 Eating better and eversfield organic on organic farming


We also employ a rotational (or mob) grazing system to ensure pasture is not eaten down to the root. This is just one of the ways we look after our soil. Our closed loop sustainability model also ensures healthy and nutritious soil, with our on-site Market Garden using waste products from the farm as natural fertiliser in our composting efforts. In turn, our Market Garden also aids wildlife by planting pollinator plants, using nothing but organic fertiliser and pesticides.


Our model continues to be successful, making our organic farm the perfect case study for the Eating Better campaign. Hear more about how our Devon farm helps better meat consumption and responsible farming, plus see the difference for yourself in Eating Better’s ‘Producing Better’ video below.

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