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International Tea Day with Clipper Tea

At the Eversfield Organic HQ, a nice hot cup of tea never goes amiss. So with International Tea Day coming up, we thought we’d introduce our favourite cuppa suppliers Clipper Tea. Their “natural, fair and delicious” strapline sums them up pretty well as they work to make the tea industry fairer and their end product an organic, natural and tasty brew.


The United Nations introduced International Tea Day to try to boost tea drinking in the countries that work to produce it whilst also addressing the decline of tea consumption in countries like our own. The sustainable production and drinking of tea, plus raising awareness for its importance in fighting poverty, makes Clipper Tea the perfect choice this International Tea Day on May 21st. Wondering which brews to choose? We’ve selected our favourite flavours from Clipper to enjoy across morning, noon and night…


Who are Clipper Tea?

Clipper Tea was the brilliant idea of husband and wife duo Lorraine and Mike Brehme, who simply wanted to share their love of great tea. It started with two chests of Assam tea in their Dorset kitchen back in 1984, to now producing over 150 different Clipper products sold in over 50 countries.


Selling their ethically sourced and naturally created tea with local shops and cafes led to so much more. The team quickly outgrew their kitchen, with their tea now produced in a factory in Beaminster, Dorset. Today, the company makes over a billion teabags a year and with tea the most consumed drink in the world behind water, that’s no surprise.


Clipper were the first tea company in the UK to be certified Fairtrade back in 1994, even helping to write the Fairtrade standards. Impressively, they are the world’s largest buyer of Fairtrade tea, only working with progressive tea estates that they know and trust. Across the last 25 years, they have delivered over £4million in Fairtrade premiums.


A little later, in 2018, Clipper were the world’s first tea company to make the switch to plant-based, biodegradable and non-GM, unbleached teabags and packaging. They believe tea bags don’t need to be chemically bleached as it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Their packaging is fully biodegradable, compostable or recyclable, meaning the company have preventing a whole heap of polypropylene plastic from entering the waste scheme.


All their products contain nothing artificial, with the company committed to organic. You can be certain that none of their products will leach chemicals. In fact, Clipper share the same Soil Association Organic Certification that our farm carries. You can rest assured that anything they make will be certified organic.


Clipper’s “tea guys” Dan and James travel the world to find the best new tea blends and infusions, unique to the company and equally as delicious. Their tasty teas are backed by multiple award wins, such as Great Taste Awards. That speaks for itself, really.



A Morning Brew

English breakfast tea, international tea day 2021 

With Clipper producing over 150 different products, we get that picking the perfect tea may be a little daunting. With this in mind, we’ve hand selected a few Clipper variations to see you through a whole day of tea drinking.


Let’s be honest, we all need a little boost in the morning sometimes. A morning brew is a great way to wake yourself up a little, with a small hit of caffeine often all you need to get yourself going. Clipper Breakfast Tea bags do what they say on the tin (or recycled, biodegradable cardboard box). The special blend of organic Assam tea and Ceylon tea produce a full-bodied English breakfast tea that perfectly accompanies your morning meal.


We know that not everyone needs or can drink caffeine, so Clipper Decaf Green Tea Bags are a great breakfast alternative. This organic green tea is smooth, refreshing and brilliant for improving health. Packed full of antioxidants, improving blood flow and lowering cholesterol are just some of the health benefits of drinking a cup of green tea every morning.



Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea has been a tradition in Britain for centuries, dating all the way back to the 1840s. Alongside savoury bites and sweet treats, the most important aspect of an afternoon tea is of course the tea! But which Clipper Tea should you choose for your afternoon tea break?

 afternoon tea ingredients, is rooibos caffeine free?


Clipper Earl Grey Tea Bags are a classic British tea, refined with refreshing citrus and bergamot flavours. Earl Grey offers a truly unique taste and with its history also spanning back to the early 1800s, it’s the ideal partner for an afternoon tea. The fruity infusion greatly complements a fruit scone and other sweet desserts often found on the tea table.


The naturally caffeine free Clipper Redbush Tea Bags are also a wonderful afternoon brew. Redbush is highly refreshing and tasty with hints of sweet caramel. This flavoured tea is an excellent alternative to normal tea, delicious with or without milk (organic milk, naturally!). The slight sweetness of Redbush may be just what you need for a mid-afternoon lift, also working great as a cold brew tea in the coming summer months.



Evening Infusions

Whilst we like to start our day with a kick of caffeine, that is not really what we want to be doing right before bed. Instead, we want a calming infusion that will help us to unwind and drift off to sleep. If sleep is something you struggle with, trying one of these teas could help…


Clipper Peppermint Tea is naturally caffeine free, presenting a crisp, clean and cool infusion. But what are the benefits of Peppermint Tea in the evening? Peppermint Tea is known to ease digestive symptoms such as bloating and indigestion which may be beneficial after a day of indulging (especially if you’ve had a full afternoon tea!). It’s also thought that a peppermint infusion can help muscles relax before bedtime.


Chamomile tea is a classic choice for an evening brew, also being naturally free of caffeine. Clipper Chamomile Tea is calming with a mellow taste and a wonderful golden glow. This tea is also bursting with antioxidants, can boost the immune system and studies also show it’s good for your skin. For years, chamomile has been used as a natural remedy for anxiety and insomnia.

 what tea to drink in the evening? peppermint tea benefits


Do any of these brews tickle your fancy? Shop our full range of Clipper Tea and add your favourites to your next online grocery delivery in time for International Tea Day on May 21st 2021.

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