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savings on your next organic food shop with Eversfield Organic

February Offers at Eversfield Organic

Save up to £25 on your next organic food delivery with us this February.


After the excitement of Christmas, the buzz of the New Year and the resolutions of January, February can feel like a slow and quiet month. We're here to brighten up your February by rewarding you with up to £25 off your next organic food shop. Save £5 on orders of £50 or more, £10 on orders of £100 or more and £25 on orders of £200 or more.* To get these special discounts, valid for deliveries on or before 25th February, use the Eversfield Organic discount codes FEB50 for £5 off when you spend £50, FEB100 for £10 when you spend £100 or FEB200 for £25 off when you spend £200. Our February offers can be used site wide, for both One-Off Deliveries and Regular Orders. For One-Off Deliveries, simply add the code in the voucher code box at checkout. For Regular Orders, choose your next order in the Manage Orders section of your account and add the code to the voucher code box.


Why Support Organic?

We’re firm believers that organic food means better food. And as we always say, when you enjoy food, you enjoy life. It’s well known that the benefits of organic stretch all the way from the soil to the sky, so here’s a quick recap on the benefits of shopping organic food.


Benefits for the Planet

Organic food is always grown and produced with the environment in mind, working with nature to produce food in the most ethical way possible. Agroecological and organic farming avoids the use of man-made fertilisers, instead using waste products as compost in a closed loop sustainability model. This keeps the soil naturally fertile, helping to sustain organic crops and livestock. Organic farms typically use less energy than intensive farms, with local farms reducing food miles and keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.


Benefits for the Soil

With the soil being one of our most important non-renewable sources of the Earth’s natural capital, it’s vital that we look after it. Organic farms protect their soil with organic compost which in turn sees the surrounding microenvironment benefit too. As part of our closed loop sustainability system, we make sure the soil on our organic farm is not damaged by artificial fertilisers or pesticides. Organic farming helps to improve the natural humus of the soil, which acts as a glue and is important in the health of all living things. This is also important in protecting the non-renewable soil for generations to come. Rotational grazing and cover crops are also important in soil fertility on organic farms, helping healthy pasture to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere is carbon sequestration.


Benefits for Wildlife

On organic farms, looking after the soil can lead to a whole lot of benefits for wildlife, too. Plant, insect and bird life is around 50% more abundant on organic farms, with wild bees also 75% more abundant. On the Eversfield Organic Farm, our herd of heritage Aberdeen Angus cattle also benefit from a more natural way of life. They’re happier and healthier thanks to the nutrients from the pasture, but that’s not all…


Wildlife is more abundant on Organic Farms 

Benefits for Animal Welfare

As well as our herd of Aberdeen Angus benefitting from an all-natural diet of 100% organic pasture, organically certified farms also have a set of animal welfare standards to enforce on their farms. Organic animals are free from growth hormones designed to pack on weight, meaning they grow at a much more natural pace. They also have the freedom to explore the outdoors, as they would naturally, avoiding cramped indoor living spaces and as a result they require fewer routine antibiotics.


Why Choose an Organic Food Box?

It’s not just the ethical benefits of organic food which may draw you to an organic grocery delivery. Organic food is also better for you and your family, with multiple health benefits and way more flavour than mass produced food. The nutrients gained by livestock and crops from nutritious soil and pasture are passed onto you when you choose organic produce. Organic meat has higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fats, making it a healthier and more flavoursome choice. Organic milk and cheese from grass fed cows have higher amounts of essentials minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.


It's not just organic meat that is better for you, but organic fruit and vegetables too. Organic fruit and veg, such as those grown in our Market Garden, are more nutrient dense again thanks to the nutritious soil and composting of organic waste. Not only are they more nutritious, but also more intensively flavoured, meaning your 5-a-day never has to be bland.


Discounts on organic fruit and veg from eversfield organic


There’s never been a better time to try organic than this February. Save £5, £10 or even £25 on your next organic food delivery with the organic discount codes FEB50, FEB100 or FEB200 and enjoy all the benefits of our organic food, delivered nationwide right to your door.


*February Offers T&Cs: Offer available at Valid from 11/02/22 to 25/02/22. Basket value must reach threshold as stated. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher codes. Offers only valid on orders placed for delivery on or before 25/02/22. Offers limited to one use per customer. Delivery fees apply. While stocks last.
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