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Get to know - Baker Tom

Organic Bread

The story behind Baker Tom's bread:

Tom Hazzledine was just 23 when he began baking for his local farm shop. It all started with just three loaves baked in his own kitchen and delivered to the shop on the back of his bicycle. Before long, Tom was supplying many more local shops, markets, cafes and restaurants, and today, 13 years later, he runs five bakery shops of his own and his ever-expanding wholesale business across the south-west.


Baker Tom


Tom’s aim has always been to make good, wholesome, interesting bread that tastes good and is good for you (with no added ‘nasties’) - loaves that have been simply made, the way they have been for centuries. And Baker Tom’s ethos still remains the same, since the day he started. As he puts it: “ We keep things simple so that the bread can be the rising star.”

Baker Tom


For Tom and his team, the focus still remains on the loaves. From his classic everyday white tin loaf to more unusual speciality recipes, Tom’s team use the same traditional baking techniques that Tom employed in his own kitchen. They experiment with new loaf flavours every season, putting their own Baker Tom Twist on it. “ With every loaf, you get a feel for the baker's personality.”


Baker Tom

Organic Sourdough

One of the most popular Baker Tom’s loaves is the classic sourdough; a new recipe made with three flours and Baker Tom’s own sourdough starter. This long-fermented, yeast-free loaf is full of moreish, tangy flavour with a golden crust and open crumb. With no added sweeteners or oil, Sourdough is naturally lower in sugar and higher in protein, which makes it a gut-friendly bread. Baker Tom’s sourdough contains two organic whole wheat flours, one rye flour and water, and its secret ingredient: live yeast cultures, which is the “thing” that gives it that well known tangy flavour!
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