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organic bread from Astons Bakehouse

Introducing: Astons Bakehouse

We’re introducing our new organic bread supplier, Astons Bakehouse.


When it comes to bread, Astons Bakehouse believe in a completely natural, 100% organic, hand baked, no shortcuts approach. This philosophy is something that sits very well with us at Eversfield Organic, which is just one of the reasons we’re partnering with them to bring their range of organic bread and pastries to our customers. Their transparency and pure passion for breadmaking results in high quality, tasty loaves, from their classic White Farmhouse to their more unusual Potato & Rosemary loaf. We’re already sold on the idea of Astons’ traditionally baked breads, but in case you need a little more convincing, here’s what we know about the organic bakers…


All About Astons

Since 1983, Syd Aston has been baking artisan breads and pastries by hand with the help of his small but passionate team of bakers. What’s so special about Astons Bakehouse? Well, all of their breads are made with certified organic heritage grain sourced directly from local farms. Their flour is stoneground in their  traditional bakery and their loaves are always shaped and baked by hand. The use of only natural, organic ingredients with no additive or factory processes results in organic bread with a fine taste and texture. The small team pride themselves on making rustic loaves brimming with character.


Syd Astons’ bakehouse is one of the first in the country to be certified organic. Syd has a history in farming and agriculture, so understands the principles and importance of organic farming from grain to loaf. The team of three are not only passionate about breadmaking, but also about maintaining an ethical and environmentally friendly approach to all they do. They actively keep fossil fuels to a minimum and use recycled packaging where possible.


organic natural bread made by stonegrounding


The Importance of the Process

Astons Bakehouse use Paragon grain sourced from Eastbrook in Wiltshire which is stoneground in their traditional mill in the bakery. The advantages of milling this way means no statutory additives and enzymes associated with mass produced flour are needed. Additives such as calcium carbonate, iron, thaimin and nicotinic acid need to be added to mass produced flour as it’s typically ground at high speeds and exposed to high heat. This process of production results in these substances being depleted, so they need to be added back in afterwards.


In contrast, Aston’s grain is gently ground between stones with temperature kept to a minimum, allowing for all ingredients to be preserved and retained in the most natural way possible. As a result, the natural bran and wheat germ is preserved (even in their white flour), which adds to the flavour and texture of the end product. When you buy organic bread from Astons, you can rest assured no shortcuts were taken and no nasty additives can be found. Only transparent, honest and natural bread.


Our Top Picks

Our selection of organic breads and pastries from Astons Bakehouse range from family favourites such as White Farmhouse and Stoneground Wholemeal, to more unique breads like their Potato & Rosemary and authentic Pain au Levain that are sure to mix up your mealtimes.


Astons’ White Farmhouse is a flavoursome, classic freshly baked organic bread made with the bakery’s signature farmhouse recipe. This family favourite loaf comes in two sizes, perfect for feeding smaller and larger families and also comes in a sliced variety – ideal for lunchtime sandwiches or morning toast.


Astons’ Stoneground Wholemeal is a lovely wholemeal alternative to their White Farmhouse, made with the bakery’s classic stoneground process. With enough to feed the whole family, this organic loaf is also available in a sliced variety, also great for making tasty sandwiches or toasties. Think of the gooey, oozing organic cheese wedged between a Stoneground Wholemeal toastie!

 organic potato and rosemary bread from astons bakehouse


A variation on a classic sourdough loaf, Astons’ Potato & Rosemary Loaf is made with organic potatoes and fresh rosemary. Bursting with flavour, this organic bread is the perfect accompaniment for a warming organic beef stew, winter soup or even just as tasty dipped in organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Don’t let the name deceive you, as Astons’ Pain au Levain is an authentic, traditional sourdough loaf packed with rich flavour and a mild tang. With a classic sourdough chew, this organic bread is wonderful dipped in organic soup or stew. Or, as always, this organic sourdough is lovely toasted and lathered in organic butter.



Our wide selection of organic bread from Astons Bakehouse is available to buy and enjoy now, with more yummy breads and pastries launching soon. We think their range of classic breads are perfect for a regular order, always keeping your pantry full of delicious, family friendly organic bread. Shop our Aston’s Bakehouse collection here.

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