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organic, grass-fed beef burger recipe from ethical butchers

We’re Britain’s Best Beef Burger!

It’s official – we’ve been ranked Britain’s Best Beef Burger! We’re thrilled to announce that Good Housekeeping Magazine have voted our grass-fed, organic Beef Steak Burgers as their best beef burger for the BBQ Season.


The magazine’s panel of expert taste testers cooked up no less than 19 beef burgers, with ours coming up trumps in their blind taste test. The meat connoisseurs were looking for a fresh-smelling patty with a rich, flavoursome taste and juicy texture. But what makes our British, organic beef burgers so good? Butchering our meat in the most traditional way and grass-feeding our Aberdeen Angus with only the best organic pasture for the most delicious, meaty burgers around…



The votes are in…

We’re in agreement that the root of a good barbecue is a succulent, grass-fed beef burger. Layered with organic cheese, your choice of organic vegetables or simply paired with tomato sauce, a deliciously grilled burger can’t be beaten.


That’s why it’s so important to get the best burgers possible for the ultimate summer BBQ. With the help of Good Housekeeping, it easier than ever to find the perfect beef burger. We’re extremely chuffed to have received an outstanding score of 87/100, awarded by their panel of professional meat-eaters in a blind taste test. Labelled purely as the “best burger” in their compressive list of 15, this is what the testers had to say about our Beef Steak Burgers:


“Made from coarsely ground organic and grass fed-certified beef, our winning burgers smell sensational. Online butcher Eversfield seasons them with nothing but onion, salt and pepper, with our panel describing them as rich and succulent. To ensure you have a steady stream of steak burgers all summer long, these are available as a one-off purchase or on subscription.”



What Makes Our Burgers so Good?

All of our burgers are expertly butchered right here on our farm in our on-site ethical butchery. Our team of skilled, traditional butchers use only the best organic and grass-fed prime steak cuts in our classic beef burger recipe. These steak cuts come from native breeds of cattle, including our heritage Aberdeen Angus, producing a meaty flavour that is second-to-none. This flavour is boosted even more by dry-aging our grass-fed beef for a minimum of 28-days. We don’t like to mess around with our meat, only adding onion, salt and pepper to season our organic beef burger recipe.

 organic, ethical butchery, ethically produced food, meat box delivery


In true Eversfield Organic fashion, we always strive to look after our native herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle in the best way possible. The cattle are 100% grass-fed and finished on organic pasture. They are never fed grain even when tucked away for the cold winter months. We’re a PFLA (Pasture-for-Life) certified farm, working with the organisation to bring together British farmers from across the country to produce premium food in the most natural way.


Our inquisitive, friendly herd spend a minimum of 200 days in the fields (compared with a minimum 120 days from even the highest welfare supermarkets), exploring their natural environment and chomping down on our organic pasture. The Aberdeen Angus are a vital part to sustaining our Soil Association certified organic status, continuing to provide the soil with “nature’s fertiliser”. We never use artificial fertiliser on our soils, meaning you’ll never find it in our meat. In turn, fertile soils give back to the animals by providing them with all the nutrients they need to be as healthy and as happy as can be. To live their true best life, our cattle are also not given routine antibiotics or growth hormones. These are two more things you won’t find in our organic meat.


Feeding the cattle on grass alone allows them to grow at a more natural pace. As a result, they produce a beautiful marbling effect on cuts such as organic steak, used to create our top of the range grass-fed beef burgers. Not only does this make for a delicious flavour and texture, but it also reduces saturated fats and boosts Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of organic, grass-fed beef burgers are then passed onto you, from field to fork.

organic beef burger recipe, grass-fed beef, meat box delivery uk 


This BBQ season, why not add our Beef Steak Burgers, voted the Best Beef Burger by Good Housekeeping, to your organic meat box delivery?

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