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national burger day

National Burger Day: Our Top 5 Organic Burgers

Burgers - a timeless classic and a beloved favourite. There's just something about sinking your teeth into a juicy, perfectly grilled patty sandwiched between soft buns that satisfies the soul. But not all burgers are created equal.

At Eversfield Organic, we take pride in crafting burgers that go beyond the ordinary. Our secret lies in using grass-fed organic meat, blended to perfection by our traditionally trained butchers.

On this National Burger Day, we bring you our top 5 organic burgers, each boasting unique flavours that will elevate your burger experience to new heights.

grass fed beef burgers

Image: Grab a taste of grass fed today.

Traditional Beef Burger:
A classic done right, our Traditional Beef Burger has won awards for a reason. Made from our premium grass-fed organic beef, this patty is a masterpiece of rich, savoury flavours. To complement the succulent beef, we suggest pairing it with a slice of Lye Cross grass fed cheddar and a dollop of Curtice Brothers organic BBQ sauce. Top it off with crisp organic lettuce and ripe tomato slices for a refreshing Market Garden crunch.

Firecracker Steak Burger:
For those who crave a fiery kick, our Firecracker Steak Burger is the perfect choice. Blended with a mix of organic herbs and spices, this burger packs a punch of flavour that ignites your taste buds. To balance the heat, we recommend adding a slice of creamy Cotswold brie and a generous smear of our delectable classic mayo. Complete the ensemble with a handful of fresh rocket leaves for a peppery finish.

Minted Lamb Burger:
Our Minted Lamb Burger is usually a crowd favourite. Crafted with succulent grass-fed organic lamb and infused with aromatic mint, this burger boasts a mouth-watering combination. To accentuate the lamb's richness, add some shavings of high wield medita cheese and a drizzle of our classic ketchup. Complement the Mediterranean vibe with a medley of organic cucumber, red onion, and cherry tomatoes.

organic burger

Image: Our organic burgers will steal any show.

Pork and Apple Burger:
A delightful fusion of sweet and savoury, our Pork and Apple Burger is a legendary addition to the summer BBQ. The tender organic pork blends harmoniously with the subtle sweetness of apple, creating a truly unique burger experience. Enhance the flavours with a slice of smoked cheddar and a spoonful of Curtice Brother's sweet chilli sauce. Complete the ensemble with a handful of organic baby spinach leaves for a burst of freshness.

Creole Burger:
Embark on a flavour adventure with our Creole Burger, inspired by the vibrant cuisine of New Orleans. Bursting with a medley of spices and herbs, don't be surprised if this burger transports you to a foreign culinary experience! To complement the bold flavours, top it with a slice of Godminster vintage black truffle cheddar and a dollop of our zingy Home Farm Kitchen chilli & pineapple jam. Add a touch of freshness with sliced avocado and shredded organic iceberg lettuce.

This National Burger Day, celebrate with our top 5 organic burgers that showcase the pinnacle of taste and quality. Using grass-fed organic meat and carefully curated blends, our burgers are a testament to our commitment to sustainable and delicious dining.

Whether you prefer the classic beef, the fiery firecracker, the refreshing minted lamb, the sweet and savoury pork and apple, or the bold creole, we have a burger that suits every palate.

Happy National Burger Day from Eversfield Organic!

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