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organic free range pork near me

Our top 5 organic pork picks (sausages, chops and some surprises)

We can hardly contain ourselves and it’s because our organic pork has never looked or tasted better. Whether it’s juicy slabs of steak with unrivalled fat marbling, or award-winning crispy organic belly pork, picking just five of our superb range is an almost impossible task!


Why is organic pork better for me?

Our passion for providing food with provenance paired with the commitment and expertise of our pig farmers is quite the winning combination. As we package up the contents of your bespoke meat box delivery, we can rest assured knowing that each and every cut can be traced (almost back to the pigsty!). All of our pigs are treated with care as they are slowly reared to the most stringent ethical, organic standards. These standards mean our pigs are not subjected to practices and conditions which are commonplace in non-organic pig rearing such as tail docking, nose ringing and farrowing crates. Instead, they are given the freedom to roam organic pastures, foraging around and expressing themselves as nature intended. Free pork for your plate!

free range organic pork sausages

Image: Our pigs are pleased with their settings.

This leads us onto their diet. In addition to the little gems they unearth while rooting around their organic homes, our pigs are supplemented with an organic feed, comprising of maize, wheat, soya, peas, yeast, vitamins, minerals and more nutritious goodies. This balanced diet helps them naturally stay fit and healthy. This means they are never in need of antibiotics, the like of which are utilised in non-organic farming practices. So, with no genetically modified material, pesticides or chemical fertilisers being used to grow their feed, our piggies are as healthy as can be.


5 of the best

A healthy pig means the tastiest pork available - believe us we’re speaking out of experience! All of our cuts contain the most beautiful marbling spread throughout the meat. These healthy omega-3 streaks of fat act as an internal flavour conductor, meaning it’s never been quicker or easier to cook up our organic pork to chef level standard! Guaranteed succulence in every single mouth-watering bite. After endless deliberating, we’ve jotted down the five must-try items from our current organic pork range.

  1. Pork Rump Steaks

Just as fantastic whether cooked in the pan, popped in the oven or seared atop the barbecue, there’s beauty in the simplicity and versatility of our organic pork rump steaks.

While there are several flavour combinations which bring the cut to life. We recommend paring with apple, sage and white wine, a classic dish from our recipe hub.


Best organic pork recipes

Image: That old trusty combination of pork and apple.

  1. Pork Loin Chops

Not to be outdone, our organic pork loin chops make a convincing argument for their inclusion. An old school cut sure to remind you of childhood tea time, the chop comes to life when pan fried. We suggest keeping a close eye on the cut during preparation to avoid overcooking as this can sap away from the natural juiciness of the meat.


  1. Flat Pork Belly

It’s not hard to see why our organic belly pork was the winner of a three star Great Taste award. Roast on high heat to achieve a blanket of crunchy, mouth-watering crackling. Serve with traditional seasonal veggies and a fruity gravy or perhaps push the boat out with our belly pork ramen recipe - an oriental showstopper.


  1. Pork Rack of Ribs

With BBQ season on the near horizon, we can’t talk about pork without mentioning our gorgeous rack of ribs. For full tenderness, we recommend being generous with your choice of marinade and cooking low and slow for as long as your patience will allow. WARNING: These bad boys will fall off the bone!


  1. Smoky Bacon Sausages
best organic pork recipes

Image: Experiment with your favourite sausages.

A new arrival makes the list! Our farm butchers have done wonders here, crafting a sweet and smoky blend of organic sausage meat, certain to please the crowd at your next BBQ. Or you could add that extra kick to a traditional full English breakfast, the possibilities are right at your fingertips.


So, now you know the many benefits of eating organic pork both for the pigs and yourself, and you’ve heard the recommendations from the (ahem) experts, you’re all set to enjoy free range organic pork. Make sure you let us know what you decide to plump for!

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