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Our Top 8 Sandwich Fillings for British Sandwich Week

Our Top 8 Sandwich Fillings for British Sandwich Week

Celebrating the humble sandwich, British Sandwich Week takes place between the 22nd – 28th of May 2023. Here’s some of our Eversfield Organic sandwich filling favourites to take your lunchtime to the next level…

 There’s no better feeling than opening your lunchbox to reveal a tasty homemade sandwich. Satisfying, simple, and delicious, sandwiches are one of our favourite dishes to make, with endless options for sandwich fillings to allow complete creativity in the kitchen, letting your tastebuds run wild.

 To celebrate British Sandwich Week, we’ve compiled some of our favourite sandwich fillings for you to make at home using our organic ingredients, saving you a trip to the sandwich shop. From classic sandwiches to more adventurous flavour combinations, we can guarantee there’s something for everyone.


1) Breakfast Bap

 The best way to start the day this Sandwich Week is with a hearty breakfast bap, leaving you fuelled for the day ahead.

 Simple to make, all you need to do to enjoy a bite of breakfast bliss is sizzle up some organic pork sausages in a pan, alongside organic bacon and a free-range fried egg, then pile between 2 slices of fluffy white bread and add a generous amount of tomato ketchup.

 For a veggie twist, substitute your bacon and sausages for veggie sausages and pan-fried mushrooms with sauteed spinach.


2) Fish fingers and Tartare Sauce

 This seaside sandwich recipe is great for a lazy Saturday lunch, with crisp and tasty wild cod in breadcrumbs and tangy tartare sauce making for a winning combination.

Fishfinger sandwich

Image: Crisp cod fish finger sandwich with creamy tartare sauce, yum!

 Either use sustainably sourced pre-made fish fingers, or give our homemade fish finger recipe a go, and for ultimate flavour and try our recipe for the perfect tartare sauce:

 Tartare Sauce Recipe:

 200g mayonnaise

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

3 tbsp capers, chopped

3 tbsp gherkins, chopped

3 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

Squeeze of lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste

 Simply mix all the ingredients together and then spread over fresh bread, before topping with your fish fingers. Add lettuce and tomato for an extra bit of texture and serve!


3) Vegan Roasted Vegetables

 Whilst there’s a realm of vegan sandwich fillings out there, we think keeping it simple is the key to the perfect vegan sandwich. Our vegan roasted vegetable sandwich is full of flavour, using fresh organic veggies, roasted with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and basil, and then topped with a generous dollop of vegan basil pesto or vegan mayo, making for a delicious yet healthy homemade vegan lunch.

 Find the recipe here.

Vegan Sandwich Filling

 Image: Keep it simple with roasted organic veggies and vegan pesto.

4) Ham, Brie and Apple

 A ham sandwich is an essential addition to any sandwich platter, but this combination of smoky, creamy, and sweet flavours takes the humble ham to another level.

 Layer organic honey roast ham with wedges of creamy traditional brie and top with thinly sliced apple. We find this sandwich works best on a granary or wholemeal bread, but the choice is yours.

 For more ham sandwich recipes, click here.


5) Pastrami Deli Bagels

 One of the top sandwich fillings in New York, Pastrami is adored for its tender and flavoursome meat and the way it works perfectly with the chewiness of a fresh bagel.

 Use our recipe and organic grass-fed beef brisket to make your own pastrami or try our award-winning Roam and Relish pastrami and pair with gherkins, mustard and tangy organic cheddar.

Pastrami Deli Bagel

Image: Organic pastrami paired with gherkin and cheese make this sandwich a delicacy.


6) Smoked Salmon and Egg Mayo

 The delicate flavour of wild smoked salmon pairs perfectly with creamy egg mayo, in this breakfast style sandwich which can be enjoyed any time of the day.

 We recommend pairing this filling with fluffy white bread and cutting into triangles for an afternoon tea style bite!


7) 3 Cheese Toastie

 There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm cheese toasty, and what’s better than one type of cheese? 3 of course!

 The cheese you opt for is up to you, but we recommend a combination of organic mozzarella, mature grass-fed cheddar, and tangy double Gloucester for a wonderfully flavourful bite, with a gorgeously gooey ‘cheese pull’ factor. Toss into a toastie maker or just lightly butter a saucepan and toast to achieve the perfect melt.

 Serve alongside a bowl of homemade tomato soup for the perfect lunch.

Organic cheese Toastie

Image: For the creamiest, cheesiest toastie, we recommend using 3 varieties of organic cheese.


8) Italian Meat Feast

 Layers or delicious organic charcuterie and slices of creamy cheese with a scattering of rocket make this sandwich a delight for any meat lover.

 We recommend using our award-winning organic charcuterie for this decadent sandwich layering lonza and pancetta with salami for out of this world flavour and a taste of Italy. Molto bueno!


 Organic Bread

 You can find all the fresh organic bread you need to construct your sandwich masterpiece from our organic bakery. Stocked by Baker Tom we have everything from simple white to hearty wholemeal and sensational sourdough, whatever you like as the base for your sarnie, we’ve got you sorted. Alternatively, to go all out homemade, try our simple bread recipe, perfect for beginners looking to get into bread making, approved by Baker Tom himself!

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