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pancake day recipe, toppings, fillings

Pancake Day: Fill Your Boots! 

Whether you’re more of a classic lemon and sugar lover, satisfying your sweet tooth with some chocolate spread or going the full hog with bacon and syrup, at Eversfield Organic we believe there’s not much the humble pancake can’t offer. Although pancake recipes can be some of the most simple out there, usually only containing a handful of ingredients, it’s the abundance of toppings and fillings that make them so brilliant that they have their own celebratory day!


Religious Roots

Well…it might not be strictly true that what you fill or top a pancake with is the reasoning behind Pancake Day – as much as we like to believe it is. Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is traditionally the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, widely celebrated across Christian countries for centuries. With Lent lasting for the 47 days between Pancake Day and Easter, the date of Shrove Tuesday changes each year dependent on the Easter weekend, but usually comes sometime in February or occasionally March.


Historically, those who celebrated the holiday would use up their fatty or sugary foods, that they would be giving up for Lent, on Shrove Tuesday. These ingredients were perfect for whipping up some delicious pancakes, with recipes for the perfect pancake featured in cook books as far back as 1439! And of course, the tradition of flipping or tossing a pancake (often the most fun part of the event) goes back almost as far.


Easy Just Got Easier 

organic, gluten free pancake mix superfood bakery

This year, we’re introducing some ready-to-go, organic pancake mixes to make your celebrations even easier. Getting the perfect consistency to your pancake batter is often one of the hardest parts, along with picking the over-tossed pancake off the ceiling! All you have to do is add 2 eggs and 60ml of your preferred milk to create 15 wonderfully fluffy, vegan and gluten-free pancakes from Superfood Bakery. If that’s not enough, the mixes are currently 20% off, so get your hands on them quickly!


The next step is choosing which toppings or fillings you’re going for, but we wouldn’t blame you if you tried one of each…


The Classic

Sometimes, simplicity is key – at least to start with! Lemon and sugar is a Pancake Day staple in many British households, but how did this tradition come about? We all know lemons can be a little bitter, which is why back in the day they were used for medicinal purposes only. That is until someone had the genius idea to combine them with sugar, making the yummy combo that we still enjoy today.

organic pancake ingredients pancake recipes 

Breakfast of Champions

Although the versatility of the pancake adds to its allure, it has beginnings as a breakfast treat. Combining Superfoods Bakery’s Protein Pancake Mix (best served in the morning for optimum health benefits) with some natural yoghurt and fresh organic fruit such as strawberries and blueberries can kickstart your Pancake Day the right way. Feeling like something a little sweeter for breakfast? Try adding a drizzle of honey on top of your morning pancakes!


American Style

There’s lots of things we have borrowed from our friends across the pond, but none more delicious than a fluffy pancake topped with the beautiful combination of sweet syrup and salty bacon! Biona’s Agave Nectar Light Syrup is a more guilt-free option, offering a natural alternative to the sugar-filled supermarket syrups. The sweetness of the syrup complements the flavoursome slices of our Roam & Relish bacon perfectly. Organic meat and natural syrup seems like a win-win to us!


A Selection of Spreads

We’ve also got those who like a variety of pancake fillings covered too, with a tasty selection of organic spreads. For the chocoholics, fill your cake with a thick layer of Mr Organic’s Dark Chocolate or Dairy-free Chocolate Spreads and finish with a delightful sprinkling of Montezuma’s Giant Chocolate Buttons – available in milk, dark and white chocolate! Whole Earth’s Organic Peanut Butter is also a solid choice, in both crunchy and smooth varieties to accommodate for the whole family.

If you’re up for trying something a little different this Pancake Day, we highly recommend Nutcessity’s array of plant-based nut butters. Choose from Gingerbread & Almond, Date & Walnut, Caromel Cashew and Coffee & Walnut. We’ve teamed up with Nutcessity to offer you a discount across these products just in time for Pancake Day – yay!

nutcessity organic nut butters pancake day toppings 

Too many toppings to choose from? We’ve compiled a whole page dedicated to all your pancake needs, ready for browsing at your own leisure! Check out our Pancake Day collection here.

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