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Soilidarity on World Soil Day

Save our Soils on World Soil Day

The Earth's soil is the basis upon which all land life depends. The top few inches of our planet provides habitat for 1/4 of all known species and holds the water and nutrients needed to keep our future generations fed.

Worryingly, our unsustainable food systems and evermore demanding consumer culture is pushing our soil to its limits.

Join the Soil Association this year on World Soil Day to Make a stand; demanding that policy makers ensure the health of our soil is a priority as rules for food and farming are created.

Find out more.

So what’s the problem?

Our soils are in crisis. Huge areas of land across the globe are no longer able to support crops, soil organisms or wildlife. Their urgent lack of organic matter leaves our food chains vulnerable to the effects of droughts and floods.

Less than 1/6 of the land on Earth is suitable for growing crops. But we’ve taken our soil for granted and now 1/3 of arable soils are degraded.

It can take 1000 years for just 1cm of topsoil to form. Right now, we’re losing the equivalent of 30 football pitches of fertile soil every minute.

Why is organic different? Watch this video...

Become a soil expert!

Whether you live on chalk, loam or clay, your soil is an undoubtedly complex interconnected web of life, from earthworms to bacteria, all working together.

Little of how this ecosystem works is fully understood. The Soil Association, our organic certifying body, soil has been at the heart of all they do for over 70 years. Read stories from farmers and other resources to understand more about how we can nurture our soils.

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