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Regular organic food delivery from eversfield organic

The Benefits of a Regular Order

Why You Should Consider Starting a Regular Food Box Delivery with Eversfield Organic


The New Year might have got you thinking about what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle, or maybe what you can do to help the environment. It might be that your resolution was to start cooking from scratch or spend more time enjoying life. Well, starting a regular organic food delivery with Eversfield Organic can help with all of these New Year’s resolutions. We deliver fresh, nutritious produce nationwide from our organic farm in Devon, using environmentally friendly farming methods. Choose from our wide range of organic food and add to our yellow shopping trolley to spend more time in the kitchen and spend less in the supermarket. Here’s just a few benefits of starting a Regular Order…


Your Favourite Foods, All in One Place

When you browse our virtual shelves online, find all the organic food you need and add it to our Regular Order yellow shopping trolley, it will be saved there. Depending on your chosen frequency of 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks and once you’ve added your chosen payment card, this organic produce will be delivered straight to your door fuss free. Spend less time shopping and more time enjoying organic food with a Regular Order.


Fancy swapping your organic beef for free range pork on your next delivery? Simply head to the Manage Orders section of your account, select the delivery date you’d like to amend, remove your organic beef and add your chosen organic pork at a Once Only frequency. Our Regular Order system gives you all the flexibility of a supermarket shop, only twice as quick and filled with tastier, more nutritional and ethically produced food.


weekly food shop at Eversfield Organic  

It’s All in Your Hands

As mentioned above, our regular order system offers full flexibility, including managing your delivery frequency, delivery address, delivery day and even skipping or pausing deliveries. You may decide one organic grocery box a month just isn’t enough. Bump it up to every 3 or 2 weeks, or maybe even weekly, in the Manage Orders section of your account.


If you’ve recently moved house or are staying at a holiday home, that’s no problem either. You can add as many delivery address as you need, with the ability to set one as your primary address. When managing your future deliveries, simply select the delivery address you’d like for that specific order, and we’ll do the rest. If you’re going abroad on holiday or have enough organic groceries to keep you going for a little while longer, you can also skip your next or future orders for the date required by using the Deliver or Pause toggle.


We also believe we shouldn’t determine when you need your organic food delivery, so we offer nationwide delivery from Tuesday to Saturday. Choose your delivery day for each individual order using the calendar in the Manage Orders section. This can be different for each delivery, leaving your food box delivery completely in your hands.


Friendly Reminders

We know that sometimes life can be busy, and things can slip our minds. You can make changes to your next delivery up until our set cut off times, but don’t worry, we’ll send you a friendly reminder of when this needs to be done. We’ve set up automated email reminders to let you know when you can make any amendments necessary. You’ll also receive email confirmation when the order is processed, which is when the money will be taken from your chosen payment card. And, like all of our organic food orders, you’ll receive confirmation when the order has been dispatched.


Subscribe and Save

A great way to make the most out of your Regular Order with us is to opt for one of our pre-selected organic grocery boxes. Save up to 10% when you choose an organic meat box or organic fruit and veg box from our pre-selected range. What’s even better is the contents of our meat boxes change on a monthly basis with our fruit and veg boxes changing on a weekly basis, keeping you inspired in the kitchen and the whole family happy.

Organic meat boxes from family farm in Devon



Start the New Year with a Regular Order from Eversfield Organic, for a healthier lifestyle, easier shopping and to keep the environment in mind. Remember to use the yellow shopping trolley to start your Regular Order.

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