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The Muscle-Building Benefits of Organic Fat

Learn how eating organic fats can boost your muscle growth and fitness...

Whether you are at the peak of your resistance-based sport or are simply looking to gain some muscle in your local gym, you will no doubt have felt the physical effects of weight training. Presses, curls, extensions, and thrusts all have their place in sculpting your dream body and keeping your mind healthy. However, unless coupled with the appropriate nutrition, their benefits begin to dwindle. Whilst we could ramble on about the supreme health benefits and illness-resistant properties of our organic produce, we want to delve deeper into its advantages in resistance training.

Muscle Building

 Although they vary in training plans, functions, and goals, the three main resistance sports of CrossFit, powerlifting, and bodybuilding all share the necessity to develop one's muscles. Whether you are trying to become conventionally fitter, stronger, or want to resemble one of our Aberdeen Angus cattle, there are ways in which making organic choices can aid your goal. As you may know, protein is an essential macro-nutrient for muscle growth and we’re pleased to report that our meat, fish, eggs, milk, and cheese are packed to the brim! What is perhaps more interesting are the fats that these delicacies contain.

 Before panic sets in and you quickly block out the forbidden word, let me explain. Fat intake is crucial for the maintenance of testosterone levels, a hormone which the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests helps build muscle, however, it seems to decline with age. Further, some fats have been found to be more beneficial than others when training to develop a muscular physique. For instance, omega-3, a specific type of unsaturated fat, encourages more cell growth and consequently more muscle growth than saturated fats and trans fats whilst limiting the amount of fat stored. Still with me? Well here is the best part. Organic meat has been found to contain at least 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than its non-organic counterpart. Similarly, organic milk churned out around 70% more of these healthy lipids.

 The higher yields don’t stop there. Fat contributes to our body’s absorption of a number of vitamins (LiveStrong). For instance, vitamin D, which plays an important role in reducing the risk of muscle instability (Bone Reports 2018). Similarly, vitamin E, according to a 2014 study, has been found to include muscle regeneration stimulation and atrophy prevention (in plain terms, it stops you from losing your hard-earned muscle). So, by rewarding your body for its hard work with our natural whole foods, you are providing it with the fuel it needs by which to grow.

organic meat box for fitness

Image: Fuel your performance (Unsplash).

Recovery Benefits

 Aches and pains are sadly a part of life which we will all endure. When participating in resistance training, these irritations are often amplified and can impede your progress. Whilst stretching, rest, and recovery all contribute to ensuring your body remains ready to be put through its paces, nutrition choices also play a key role.

 Your joints can easily become inflamed when you are consistently relying on them to balance heavy loads. The consumption of non-organic preservatives, additives, and artificial colours can all contribute to this issue. Harvard Health suggests that to fight against inflammation you should ensure your diet contains high levels of the previously mentioned healthy fats. Our old friend omega-3 effectively creates a cushioned layer around your cells, ensuring that your joints are kept happy and healthy. Along with these active fats, higher levels of vitamin D can also protect your joints. A study by Mother Earth News found that free-range organic eggs packed in between three and six times more vitamin D than their supermarket alternatives. All things considered, you can target inflammation simply by swapping out non-organic food for biotic alternatives to give yourself the edge when re-fuelling.

 Next Steps

 Armed with this bank of information, you will be wondering where you can get your hands on these muscle-building superfoods. Well we recommend getting that post-workout omega-3 kick from our 28 day dry aged beef rump steaks. For the seafood connoisseurs, why not delve into our varied fish box, containing a environmentally-sourced selection of white, oily, and shell fish. Want to top up on those vitamin levels? Look no further than our dairy section, containing a number of un-homogenised products which are certain to help you rebuild after a gruelling session. Here at Eversfield Organic, we want to help you reach your goals, so train safe, stay healthy, and reward your body with the optimum fuel.

organic meat box


Image: These beauties are available as part of our many organic meat boxes.

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