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What to do with all that WoolCool!

Sustainable packaging 

Our WoolCool insulation does a fabulous job keeping your organic groceries chilled and fresh all the way from our farm to your door. But what do you do after all your goodies are all tidied away?

We’ve had a lot of inventive ideas from our wonderful customers, so we wanted to share them all in one place. Prepare to be inspired!

  1. Plumping – How’s your favourite cushion looking? Or your pampered puss or pooch’s trusty bed? Chuck a couple of pieces of WoolCool in there to plump them up again to their former glory. (You’ll get a thankful purr or tail wag too!)
  2. Berry protection – From late May, your strawberry plants need a little protection and something to keep those juicy fruits from rotting on the ground. As you may know, strawberries get their name from the straw traditionally used to do just that. But why not WoolCool? Woolberries anyone? Also, when planting rhubarb put a sheet under the plant as a slow-release fertiliser!
  3. Fancy dress – In most childhood plays, there tends to be a sheep or two. One lovely mum made her daughter a costume from WoolCool! Perfect for a chilly nativity play too.
  4. Hanging baskets – Line your baskets with WoolCool, pop in your gravel and compost in then plant until your heart’s content! It will hold moisture, keeping them going through hot summer days.
  5. Chicken nests – Give your birds a clucking great bed over winter with your WoolCool. Keep them toasty and give them a soft landing for those precious eggs.
  6. Draught excluder – Stitch it together, roll it up and tie it with pretty ribbon or rope et voila! One woolly draught excluder.
  7. Composting – Adding WoolCool to your compost heap can really benefit the end result. Tear it up into smaller pieces and mix it in. Add any worms you find too - they can help break down your compost material into small particles that are easier for bacteria and fungi to digest, which helps them multiply more quickly and generate more heat in your heap.
  8. Homemade cool box/gift hampers – Save your frozen gel packs and WoolCool liners to make your own cool box. Or even line a basket to make your own gift hampers (and escape dreaded wrapping paper wastage!)
  9. Windscreen saviour – Patch a few sheets together and place over your windscreen to save yourself from the ice-scraping routine. On the subject of vehicles, you could insulate your van! Though that may take quite a few orders…
  10. Upcycling – Some lovely customers of ours made these amazing outdoor chair covers using their WoolCool liners and some beautiful material. Alternatively, you could cover some the size of your seats and make seat pads for indoor and outdoor use.


WoolCool Upcycling


Let us know if you have any more suggestions, no matter how wacky! Send us an email or share your pics on our Facebook page.

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