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What's Good To Eat Now : Late Winter

Even in winter, there are great seasonal meats and veg to try with no added air miles

As we head into February, the land is still in the grip of winter, but beneath the frozen ground, the garden remains fruitful. We may not have the abundance of summer crops; however, there is still a wide variety to be discovered.

Walking through your local supermarket, it can feel like we have entirely lost sight of what is in season right now. As it's now estimated that the transportation of fruit and veg around the world is responsible for 6% of global carbon emissions, eating seasonally is more than just a local issue.

Even without the environmental concerns, a reliance on imported veg in winter could cause us to overlook the delicious crops grown on our doorsteps. Swedes may not be as glamorous as red peppers, but at this time of year, they are at the peak of their nutrients and freshness.

Now is the season where root veg dominates; reliable spuds, nutty swedes, ruby beetroot, fresh celeriac, and sweet parsnips are all readily available and an excellent source of healthy carbohydrates, fibre and essential vitamins.

And as though nature knows what we need at this time of year, winter also brings seasonal greens including prebiotic-supporting leeks and shallots, while kale and Brussels sprouts bring a rich supply of folate and iron to support immunity.

Add in seasonal stars with a splash of colour like beetroot, forced rhubarb, and purple sprouting broccoli for a vibrant, seasonal plate.

Our British seasonal organic veg box is a great way to explore what’s at the peak of their season. Our February box is packed with 7 varieties of British-grown, organic veg including: white cabbage, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, swede, and beetroot.

Some meats are also at their best in these winter months. Game is at its peak right now with pheasants, venison, and rabbit at the height of their season, rich in B-vitamins, iron, and zinc to support winter health.

Explore our selection of wild game sourced from the finest estates in the country and pair with sides from your  British organic veg box.

Beef and chicken are farmed all year round, so there is no compromising on taste or nutrition. Our organic grass fed beef and organic free range chicken are a sustainable and ethical choice.

Recipes To Try Now

Make the most of seasonal game with our wild venison and juniper pie, or pheasant and apple stew. 


Roasted beetroot with its strong, earthy quality suits a sweet, balsamic glaze to accompany rich meats like beef and game.

Or brighten up your lunchtimes with our cheap and filling beetroot hummus

Accompany prime organic cuts of beef with seasonal mashed swede and roasted Brussel sprouts.

Try this twist on a traditional roast chicken, served with a side of freshly harvested cabbage.


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