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World Vegetarian Day 2022

World Vegetarian Day 2022

Vegetarianism and organic farming hold many similar views, from a focus on sustainability and looking after the planet to animal welfare and health…

October 1st marks World Vegetarian Day and the start of Vegetarian Awareness Month. This month acts as an encouragement for non-veggies to give vegetarianism a go, celebrating the vegetarian diet and advocating for all things green and leafy.

Many of the reasons people choose to go veggie align with the ethos behind organic farming, centred around values of sustainability, animal welfare and overall making healthier choices which minimise our environmental impact.

 Health Benefits

 Turning to vegetarianism can help protect against heart disease, strokes, and cancer, cutting exposure to harmful food by-products. In a similar vein, choosing organic produce also promotes good health, reducing exposure to toxic pesticides and fertilisers that are common practice in conventional fruit and veg farming.

 Even if you aren’t on a vegetarian diet, organic is much better for you. Organic cuts of meat are less fatty and packed with more nutrition than conventionally farmed meat due to livestock being raised on a grass-fed diet and living longer more active lives.

Organic Courgettes

 Environmental Reasons

For many, the decision to go veggie is based off a love for the planet, protecting the environment from malpractices that can go with the conventional farming of meat. Amongst these are the mass deforestation and habitat destruction that occurs to clear areas of land for cattle grazing, and the pollution caused by intensive farming.

 On the opposite end of the spectrum, organic farming’s mission is to be as sustainable as possible, looking to the future and minimising any negative impact on the planet. By practicing agroecology, using rotational growing and grazing, the soil can work as a carbon store, sequestering CO2 out of the atmosphere. Organic farm’s healthy soil also helps wildlife, promoting biodiversity and supporting microorganisms who keep ecosystems moving.

Raising livestock on a grass-fed diet also helps minimise organic farming’s environmental impact. Soy based livestock feeds account for nearly 80% of the world’s total soybean crop, causing mass deforestation and the conversion of wild habitats, and demanding vast amounts of energy, water and agrochemicals to produce it. By not using conventional animal feeds like soy, organic farming minimises it use globally and advocates for more environmentally friendly feed sources which don’t have such a devastating impact.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a key consideration made by vegetarians, ensuring no animal suffers or is killed due to their dietary choices. Often this links to the ways animals are treated in intensive farming conditions, with minimal space to move around and display their natural behaviours and instincts, often suffering from poor health due to these conditions too.

Organic farming has an utmost respect for animal welfare, allowing animals to express their natural behaviours freely, roaming the fields as a herd and enjoying grazing the pastures. The way organic livestock is raised means they naturally suffer less diseases, therefore living happier and healthier lives. Organic livestock also generally live longer than those conventionally farmed, with a natural grass-fed diet, free from growth hormones and grain designed to pack on weight meaning the animals grow at a slower, more natural pace.

Aberdeen Angus Cattle

Going Organic

 The decision to go vegetarian is not one to take lightly, presenting a huge lifestyle change, in the way you shop, eat, and think about food. If you find yourself appreciating the reasons behind vegetarianism but aren’t quite ready to give up meat, choosing to shop and eat organic can provide the perfect compromise.

 As we’ve outlined above, vegetarianism widely aligns with the values of organic farming: sustainability, healthy living, and animal welfare. Going organic can be a great step towards further incorporating these values into your everyday life.

 Our Vegetarian Products

For those already vegetarian, or people wanting to try out a more plant-based diet, we have a wide variety of products to cater to you. From gelatine-free organic sweets to our Biona veggie burgers and extensive range of seasonal organic vegetables , there’s plenty of options.

If you’re needing inspiration for vegetarian friendly dinners, look no further than our Recipe Hub, full of tasty, healthy dishes which can be made using products from our online farm shop. Some of our current favourites include Baked Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes, Vegan Sweet and Sour Chickpeas and Mushroom Deep Dish Pizza.

Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes

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