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Your Guide to Our Organic Devon Turkeys

Your Guide to Our Organic Devon Turkeys

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a turkey dinner. Our organic Devon turkeys make for the ultimate traditional Christmas centrepiece, succulent, flavoursome and delicious…

 Our organic free-range Devon turkeys truly are a cut above the rest, and we’re not just saying that because we’re biased! Reared on family farms, just a stone’s throw away from our office on the edge of Dartmoor, our turkeys spend their days freely roaming the pastures, feeding off of what they can forage and a mix of organic grains, what a life! Our farmers guarantee the highest standards of animal welfare, ensuring the turkeys are kept happy and healthy.


Why Buy Our Organic Turkey?

 It’s our turkey’s happy and healthy lifestyle that really sets them apart from the others. Their organic diet means they live longer, allowed to gain weight more naturally than their non-organic counterparts, who are fed with a grain-based feed designed for them to pack on weight as fast as possible towards the festive period. Our turkeys therefore have a much more even and healthy layering of fat throughout, keeping the meat nice and moist and translating into a delicious succulent texture and mellow flavour.

Image: Our Devon turkeys living their best lives free roaming the pastures.

 After slaughter, all our turkeys are hung for 2 weeks to develop taste and texture before being expertly butchered to order on the Eversfield farm by our team of skilled butchers. We take great pride in this whole process, from butchery to delivery, so that we can assure the finest quality bird reaches your Christmas dinner table.


Norfolk Black vs Bronze

 We have 2 varieties of organic turkey available for Christmas this year: our Bronze turkeys and Norfolk Black turkeys, but what exactly is the difference?

 Norfolk black turkeys are widely regarded as one of the oldest turkey breeds in the world, first imported into Europe from the Americas and Mexico hundreds of years ago. Characterised by their deep black plumage, this breed of turkey is slower at growing than others, giving it a delicious, ever so slightly gamey flavour: a real treat to the tastebuds.

 Bred from Norfolk Blacks, Bronze turkeys are the quintessential turkey breed at Christmas time. Known for their firm succulent meat with its smooth and rich flavour, these turkeys are the ones most commonly eaten for Christmas dinner.


Options To Suit You

 Whether you’re hosting the entire family or having a quieter Christmas this year, our wide selection of organic turkey means we have options to suit everyone’s festive necessities.

 Image: Feed the whole family with one of our Devon organic turkeys.

Our whole turkeys can be purchased in sizes ranging from 3.5kg to 8.5kg meaning you can tailor your turkey perfectly to the number of loved ones you're catering for this year, and allow for leftovers following the big day.

 After something smaller and simpler than a whole turkey? Our Organic Bronze Turkey Crown could be just what you need, with the legs removed leaving the succulent white breast meat and wings for you to enjoy.

 If carving isn’t your strongest suit our Boned and Rolled Turkey could be your dream centrepiece. Prepared by our butchers with the breast meat on the outside and the leg meat throughout the centre, this faff-free option is easy and delicious and can also come topped with a bacon lattice to lock in extra moisture.


Our Organic Turkey Banquet Box

 Our hugely popular Turkey Banquet Boxes contain everything you need to make an excellent 100% organic turkey dinner to serve 6-8 people. Brimming with organic produce, including one of our Bronze turkeys, cranberry sauce, all your veg, bacon and even a bottle of organic prosecco, this box takes the stress out of the Christmas food shop, much needed at this hectic time of year!

Image: The ultimate Christmas turkey banquet!

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