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Our Chicken Credentials

Why choose organic chicken?

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Organic For Life

what is organic chicken

The Best Care

Here at Eversfield Organic, we believe that happier, healthier chickens lead to better produce. Due to this, their welfare is one of our top priorities.

We partner with local Soil Association Certified Organic farmers to ensure our chickens have a bountiful, natural environment and unrestricted access to large spaces. This means they are free to express their natural, instinctive behaviours.

To class as free range, chickens have up to 4 square metres outside and can be housed in numbers of 16,000, while an organic chicken has to have a minimum of 10 square metres of space with strictly no more than 2,000 to a flock. So, it's clear our organic chickens really do get the A-list treatment!

Our organic chickens are free to forage for whatever takes their fancy in the fields, from red clover, insects and their certified organic feed containing organic wheat and maize. This natural variance in diet accounts for the distinctive depth of colour of the meat which can range from pink to yellow.

The Best Quality

Previous winners of the Good Chicken and the Good Egg awards from the Compassion in World Farming society, we ensure our birds are spared from practices such as beak trimming. Common in intensively-farmed chickens, beak trimming prevents stressed hens from injuring each other. However, with nothing to stress about, our hens don't need to undergo this procedure.

Our organic chickens also escape exposure to genetically-modified feeds and antibiotics due to their supreme health and immunity, naturally boosted by their living conditions. 

Thus, when you choose to eat organic chicken, you're ensuring you and your family are getting the purest, most natural nutrition available. Discover our range now.

free range organic chicken

What our Customers say...

It had a depth to it that a lot of chickens don’t. It was like chickens used to be. Will definitely be buying again.

- Caroline D

Rarely eat meat so this is a occasional treat. Lovely flavour. But the best thing to me is the knowledge the chicken was treated as humanely as possible.

- Maeve H

Tastes great, you can tell that the chicken is the real deal compared to supermarket chickens

- Keme M

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