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Choose British Lamb This Easter

Choose British lamb for taste, sustainability and to support our local farmers

At a time when food provenance and sustainability are at the forefront of our minds, the decision to buy British lamb this Easter is an important one. Post-Brexit trade deals struck with New Zealand and Australia in the last two years that removed tariffs on imported lamb and other meats have put pressure on an already beleaguered farming sector in the UK. Competing with imports risks compromising the UK’s excellent animal welfare standards in a race to produce cheaper meat. WWF presented in their evidence to parliament “The Australia-UK free trade agreement risks undermining UK efforts to green agriculture by undercutting UK farmers with cheaper imports produced in a more environmentally harmful agriculture system”.

For our organic farmers, animal welfare and environmental protection are of the utmost importance, and we know that this is important to you too. As consumers, we hold the power to influence the trajectory of our food systems and the welfare of the animals within them. 

By choosing British lamb, we are choosing to:

Preserve animal welfare standardsthe World Animal Protection Index rates the UK in the top four countries worldwide for animal welfare standards. For our organic farms, those animal welfare standards are amongst the most rigorously regulated and certified in the country.

Reduce our environmental impact - calculating the carbon footprint of local versus imported lamb is not an easy task, but locally sourced meat has significantly reduced emissions generated by transportation. Choosing local and organic is the most environmentally sustainable option. 

Support local farmers - sheep farming has been the backbone of many rural communities for generations. By buying British lamb, we directly support  rural livelihoods and preserve traditional farming practices.

Uphold quality and traceability -  British lamb is renowned for its exceptional quality and traceability, and of course, in our organic butchery these standards are evident with each cut of meat traceable to the farm on which it was raised and the abattoir where it was humanely slaughtered.


Sheep and lambs


Why organic?

Our organic farmers guarantee that the pastures in which our grass-fed lamb are raised are free from weedkillers, pesticides and other chemicals that are harmful to local biodiversity and human health.

Our expert organic lamb producers manage their flocks carefully to reduce the need for medical intervention and never use antibiotics preventatively.

Our organic lambs are grass fed and never supplemented with any grain feed. This allows them to grow slowly and naturally, for longer than non-organic lambs.

We avoid causing our organic lambs undue distress by reducing transportation to a minimum, choosing local abattoirs that adhere to the highest welfare standards and offer a calm environment.

We think that this is why you will not find a better tasting, more sustainable or ethically sourced lamb joint anywhere else than our organic butchery. Why not try it for yourself this Easter?

Explore our Easter collection now. 

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