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What Is Ethical Meat Farming?

Choosing welfare over profit for the most ethical way to farm and shop.

In recent years, a significant shift has occurred in the way we think about the meat on our plates. We are all increasingly conscious of the environmental, ethical, and health implications associated with meat production. 

The RSPCA have been campaigning for years on the plight of the animals that make up incredibly cheap supermarket deals on meat. They claim that more than 90% of the chickens that are slaughtered in the UK each year are bred to grow too quickly and reared in bare, dimly lit and overcrowded conditions. In addition, the mega-farm is on the rise in the UK rearing and processing thousands of animals at a time, designed to profit by producing cheap meat and dairy.

Unsurprisingly, cheap meat comes at a great cost to animal welfare.

“cheap meat comes at a great cost to animal welfare.”

Our organic farmers believe that there is a better way to rear animals and ensure that they live the happiest, healthiest and most natural lives possible before slaughter, but what do we really mean when we call our meat ‘ethical'?

For us, ethical farming is about understanding that as meat eaters we have a responsibility to know where our food comes from, and that it is reared, slaughtered and butchered in the most ethical, sustainable way possible.

cattle in field

Animals are put first; to maximise their quality of life, to allow them to live aligned with their natural habitats as far as possible and encourage their natural behaviours. Ethical farming isn’t driven by just altruism though, it gives farmed animals the best lives possible, but it also results in a higher quality and better tasting meat. Ethically raised animals lead healthier lives. They are not pumped with antibiotics or growth hormones, producing meat that is not only safer for consumption but also more nutrient-dense. High-quality, ethically sourced meat is rich in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, contributing to a healthier diet.

“prioritising animal welfare is worth the investment”

Our organic meat arrives at the farm from small, family-run abattoirs. Small abattoirs process less animals and so are able to more effectively manage their environment to avoid loud noises, overcrowding and other stress factors to create the most humane slaughtering environment. We also ensure these abattoirs are located close to the farm on which the animals were raised in order to minimise the stress of live travel time.

Our meat may cost more than supermarket alternatives, but we firmly believe that prioritising animal welfare is worth the investment. We know that you value the transparency and accountability that ethical farming affords. With us, you can shop with confidence, knowing that we've done the work for you by choosing the most ethical, not the most profitable option at every stage from the farm to your table.

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