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Organic Wine

Why Drink Organic Wine? Everything You Need to Know

Our wide selection of organic wine is something we pride ourselves on. Here’s everything you need to know before buying your bottle of organic wine and the benefits of drinking it.

Our organic wine cave is stocked full of delicious organic wine to suit any taste. It’s the best place to pick out an evening tipple, with varieties of organic red, white and rose.


 What Is Organic Wine?

Organic wine is certified organic; grown and produced according to strict standards which encompass pesticide use, land management, storage and preservation.

What to Look Out for When Buying Organic Wine

 The best way to identify organic wines is to look out for the Soil Association logo on the bottle. This small yet mighty logo identifies that the wine has been produced in compliance with organic regulations. This ensures you can trust the bottle you purchase is the finest quality with a transparent wine making process behind it.

Soil Association certification

Image: Look out for this logo when buying organic wine!
The term organic wine is also guaranteed by law, unlike 'natural wine' or 'biodynamic wine' which have no legal definition.


Why Drink Organic Wine?

The benefits of choosing a bottle of organic wine over non-organic are numerous.

Firstly, organic is the environmentally conscious choice, with fewer artificial pesticides and a more natural approach to pest control. This results in organic vineyards becoming havens of biodiversity, providing homes for bees, birds and other insects.

Organic wine production helps preserve healthy soils, reducing soil erosion and keeping the land fruitful for years to come.

Organic Vineyard

Image: An organic vineyard flourishes with wildlife and nature.

Organic standards also place a strict limit on the amount of sulphur dioxide used in organic winemaking. This artificial additive is common in conventional wine production, but can cause headaches and symptoms in allergic or intolerant people.

There are also claims that reduced levels of sulphites can help ease the effects of a hangover!


 Our Favourite Organic Wines

Our organic wine cave is the best place to source your organic wine. Here’s some varieties we’re particularly enjoying on our organic farm at the moment:

Organic Red Wine

 Bohem Tempranillo – One of our best organic red wines for those who suffer adverse reactions to the sulphur in conventional wine. This Spanish red from the La Mancha region is perfect for easy drinking, with delicious notes of black cherry and plum, and a ripe berry aroma.

Bohem Tempranillo Organic Red Wine

Image: Bohem Tempranillo is one of our favourite organic reds.

 Mas Des Tannes Rouge – This rich, fruity wine from the South of France is delightfully well-balanced. It develops notes of vanilla and sweet spice with jammy berry flavours by ageing for 6 months in an oak barrel. Extremely versatile, it pairs well with a range of meals, from roasted meat to light pasta.

Organic White Wine

Giol Pinot Grigio – Fresh and uplifting flavours of summer orchard fruits make this Italian variety from the Piave region so loveable. With creamy peach aromas it pairs excellently with light vegetable dishes, soups, salads and grilled fish.

 Walnut Block Collectables Sauvignon Blanc – Fresh, zingy and crisp, this organic Sauvignon heralds from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Wonderfully refreshing, with a palate of fresh tropical fruits, citrus undertones and a integrated acidity.

Organic Rosé

Mas de Longchamp Rosé – This characterful rosé, offering hints of strawberry and delicate wild herbs. Fresh and crisp it provides a great accompaniment to light dishes or to be enjoyed as an aperitif.

Mas de Longchamp organic rosé

Image: The Mas de Longchamp Rosé is wonderfully refreshing.

Organic Sparkling Wine

Giol Prosecco Frizzante A bestseller of ours! This organic Prosecco is a real treat, heralded as ‘one of the best organic Proseccos on the market’. Enjoy alongside a light and easy caprese salad and antipasti, or pop open to celebrate a special occasion! 


Where to Buy Organic Wine UK

There is a wide range of organic wines available from our online organic grocery delivery service or our Devon farm shops in Tavistock and Totnes.

Our organic inns are also the perfect setting to enjoy a glass of organic wine and delicious meal. Located within the scenic Dartmoor National Park at Merrivale and North Bovey, you can find out more information about them here.

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