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How To Make Your Christmas Sustainable

How To Make Your Christmas Sustainable

The festive period is often associated with living in excess. Whilst we fully endorse indulging in an extra mince pie and another glass of organic wine, our ethos of creating a clean future means we are always looking for ways to enjoy responsibly. We’ve compiled our top five tips to make your Christmas a sustainable one this year. 

1: The Perfect Christmas Tree

Tradition indicates that a Christmas tree is an essential part of a family’s December. If this is an idea that you subscribe to, there are some decisions to consider when picking your tree. Firstly, in our view, plastic trees are off the table as they would have to be used for many a year to make them greener than their real alternatives. 

We recommend purchasing your tree from Devon’s very own Peach Hayne Organics, the only farm in the UK registered and certified to grow and sell organic Christmas trees. Their magnificent trees are nurtured in a pesticide-free environment, meaning soil health is paramount. The process has a lesser carbon footprint than conventional methods and also promotes wildlife diversity in the local ecosystem. 


2: Rethinking Gifts

Let’s be honest, we’ve all received gifts and thought to ourselves “what on earth were they thinking?”. It’s highly likely that we’ve given them out as well. These items then proceed to sit in a cupboard for the rest of their days. So, before succumbing to last-minute pressure and grabbing a pointless purchase, opt for a sustainable gift from our newly-stocked Gift and Hamper range.

Eversfield Organic | Good Zest Body Wash Kit
Image: The Good Zest Body Wash Kit.

We’ve got something for all the family, with an organic body wash kit, a hand-restoration kit, a coffee lovers gift box, reusable wax wraps, an Eversfield Organic tea towel, festive nibbles and much, much more.

3: Wrapping Up

Have you ever scrunched up some wrapping paper, let it go and it magically un-scrunches in front of your eyes? Well, this is an indication that your wrapping paper contains non-recyclable elements like foil and plastic. Luckily, there are numerous sustainable alternatives.

Check out Re-wrapped to browse a number of striking designs which will uphold what I’m sure is a reputation for immaculately wrapped, colourful gifts! All their wraps are eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled materials. Make sure to use recyclable tape to secure your package as opposed to standard plastic tape. 

4: The Organic Feast

There isn’t another time of year that places such an emphasis on food. Do your part by opting to purchase your groceries from an ethical, family-run organic producer. Here at Eversfield Organic, all of our turkey, duck, goose, beef, pork and lamb are 100% organic. Our birds are encouraged to graze for themselves on open, free-range pastures as well as being supplemented with organic feeds, ensuring an ethical growing process. Each centrepiece is hung to develop flavour, texture and ultimately a succulent and moreish bite. 

Eversfield Organic | Three Bird Roast
Image: Our divine Three Bird Roast.

We’ve also got all the organic trimmings you will need such as hand-butchered pigs in blankets from our farm butchery, a range of stuffings, and the very highest quality seasonal vegetables

Browse a number of specially-selected cheeses and wines and construct your dream festive organic cheeseboard. There are also plenty of tipples to keep spirits as high as possible this Christmas, with our organic beer and cider range with a number of soft drinks for the younger family members. You didn’t think we’d forgotten the sweet stuff surely? Our range of treats and desserts has something for every taste at the table.

5: Leftovers

It should go without saying that we should all be trying to reduce our food waste at all times, and this is even more crucial to consider at Christmas time. According to Zero Waste Week statistics, the UK throws away over four million Christmas dinners every year, equivalent to a whopping 263,000 turkeys. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of great ideas on how you can transform your leftovers into a number of delightful dishes. Why not make the most of your meat and whip up a tasty Boxing Day Risotto? Keep an eye on our Recipe Hub for all the turkey inspiration you could ever want and plenty of ideas on how to transform your leftovers this year.
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