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Meet our Suppliers: GIMBER

Meet our Suppliers: GIMBER

If you, like a few of us here in the Eversfield Organic office, feel as though you owe your body a detox ahead of the rapidly approaching festive season, Sober October may be on the agenda. While refraining from an evening glass of wine or an organic G&T may fill you with apprehension, we are comforted by the tasty non-alcoholic alternatives which are available. 

We sat down for a chat with Emily from GIMBER to pick apart their tasty product and its unique qualities.

Image: The Secret to a successful Sober October

What inspired the creation of GIMBER?

Emily: Our founder Dimitri dreamt up the GIMBER concept whilst attending events where bad wines and unhealthy soft drinks were continuously served up. He took it upon himself to create a drink that would spice up his taste buds without making his head spin. Numerous ingredients were trialled, and countless combinations later he stumbled across a miraculously satisfying mix in November 2017. Dimitri claims that he felt like Willy Wonka, only without the crazy kids!

With his friends going crazy for the beverage, GIMBER began to gain some local popularity and although there were tests, Dimitri was able to add a hard-working, positive group of individuals to our team and make GIMBER what it is today.

The name is certainly unique, what is the inspiration?

Emily: It’s actually a simple play on words in homage to our main ingredient. The Dutch word for ginger is gember, and the French is gingembre, so blend these together with the English term and we came out with GIMBER!

You say Ginger is the main ingredient, what else goes into the drink?

Emily: Cane sugar, lemon, water, and a selected blend of spices. That’s it. There’s nothing artificial. Our recipe is 100% natural and certified organic.

Image: Test your culinary skills.

What are the health benefits of choosing GIMBER?

Emily: Just off the top of my head, drinking GIMBER can have anti-inflammatory, digestion, pain relief, immunity and mobility applications. It’s not just a pretty colour!

Can you cook with it?

Emily: Oh absolutely. We’ve got plenty of delicious ways to enjoy GIMBER including a passion fruit breakfast bowl and a butternut squash and sage gnocchi. Feel free to get some ideas for your next organic dish.

What are your favourite ways to drink GIMBER this Sober October?

Emily: I love to unwind with a refreshing GIMBER Apple Spritz after a long day at work. Another one that I have been opting for recently is the Virgin GIMBER Mojito. Whilst many would say that a mojito has to be enjoyed in the sun, I think this one is as tasty all year round!

Image: What delicious drink recipe will you choose?

Are there any plans to develop new flavours?

Emily: I can’t reveal much I’m afraid, but I will say keep your eyes peeled! 

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