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organic soil

National Allotments Week (Celebrating the Power of Organic Soil)

It all starts with the soil. That’s why we’re excited we’ve hit national allotments week 2023!

This year’s theme recognises the importance of gardening with nature in mind. As this aligns perfectly with our market garden mission, we can’t help but celebrate our patch.

What makes healthy soil?

Several natural minerals, gases, liquids, organic matters, and living organisms make up the soil. The health of an allotment and its produce relies on the structure and quality of its foundation. Therefore, to be successful in your garden, soil health is of paramount importance.


Image: Our soil houses some helpful critters.

Most conventional commercial gardens use chemicals to control intrusive predators and weeds, which helps increase crop yields. However, this practice has sinister consequences as pesticides have been found to kill or seriously harm soil invertebrates. This is contributing to the widespread demise of insects, threatening the delicate ecosystems that support life as we know it.

It's easy to ignore the importance of small creatures in our soil because they can blend in with their surroundings. However, they play important roles. They break down dead animals and plants to create fuel for new life. They also defend against diseases and pests.

These organisms also play a vital role in carbon sequestration. This is the process whereby healthy soils can draw carbon from the atmosphere to store. With concerns increasing about carbon dioxide concentrations, the possibility of increasing carbon capture could potentially have positive outcomes.

So, creating a soil that safely houses these helpful organisms is a crucial step in ensuring widespread climate health. That’s precisely what we’re looking to achieve here at Eversfield Organic.

market garden vegetables

Image: A golden beetroot plucked from our organic soil.

The soil on our family farm and Market Garden is certified organic by the Soil Association. This means it is completely free from any unnatural chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or herbicides. Organic soil is also rich in organic matter. This provides a continuous source of nutrients for plants, ensuring they grow strong and healthy.

Our commitment to sustainable farming practices is evident in the way we nurture and care for our soil. We implement regenerative farming techniques that promote biodiversity and support the natural ecosystem of our allotment. By encouraging a diverse range of soil-dwelling organisms, we create a balanced and resilient environment where nature can thrive.

One of the key components of our organic garden is compost soil. We use a carefully crafted blend of compost made from kitchen scraps, plant trimmings, and animal manure. This compost improves soil by adding nutrients and helps retain moisture, reducing the need for excessive watering in dry times.

We also embrace the concept of no-till farming, which minimizes soil disturbance, preserves its structure, and prevents carbon loss. By leaving the soil undisturbed, we create a habitat that allows beneficial microorganisms to thrive, further enriching the organic matter content.

Our dedication to healthy organic soil extends beyond our Market Garden and family farm. We think that by telling people about organic gardening and sharing our love for it, we can make a big impact on a large scale.

organic farming

Image: We want to spread our mission far and wide.

As we celebrate National Allotments Week, we want to encourage everyone to embrace the importance of healthy organic soil. If you're a gardener, choose organic methods to kickstart your gardening journey in the right direction. Enriching your soil will not only benefit your produce but also contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced future.

Join us in celebrating the wonders of nature and the incredible potential that lies within our soil. Together, we can cultivate a greener, healthier world, one garden patch at a time.

Happy National Allotments Week from the Eversfield Organic family! 

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