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Save a Trip to the Supermarket This Summer Holiday

Choose our organic grocery delivery service over the summer holiday to cut down on time-consuming supermarket trips and maximise quality time where it matters!

The summer holidays are in full swing! An incredibly busy time of year for parents, grandparents, and guardians, with children at home, juggling careers and day-to-day household chores.

To help you make more time for fun days out or evenings BBQing with the whole family, save a trip to the supermarket and get your organic food shop delivered to your door. Our organic grocery delivery service is quick, easy and the best way to fill your family’s diet with fresh organic produce.

From everyday essentials like fruit and veg, to summer BBQ and picnic must-haves, we’ve got everything you need to keep tummies full and happy these summer holidays.


Our Organic Meat Boxes and Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

 The mid-week refresher shop will be a thing of the past with our free range organic meat and organic fruit and vegetable boxes arriving at your door. Packed full of all the organic meat and produce you need for a full week of meals, ordering one of our meat or fruit and veg boxes is the most convenient way to receive your fresh organic groceries.

Organic Meat and Fruit and Veg Boxes

Image: Our organic meat and vegetable delivery boxes are the ultimate convenience...

Selected according to seasonality, but to also give you maximum versatility, choose from our range of preselected boxes to suit your family’s needs.

Here’s some of our best family-friendly boxes to get you started:


Large Vegetable Box - £19.99

Feeds 4-5 people for 1 week and contains at least 9 varieties of fresh, seasonal organic veggies plucked fresh from pesticide-free soils, the ultimate vegetable box delivery.


Butcher’s essentials Meat Box - £35.00

A selection of our butcher’s favourite cuts of organic grass fed meat, this meat delivery box is designed to keep your fridge stocked all week and include all the family favourites such as beef steak mince, handmade sausages, bacon, chicken legs and lamb steaks.


Family Fruit Box - £12.95

Fruit can’t be forgotten about during the summer holidays! The perfect healthy snack for little ones and adults alike, this box contains 5 delicious varieties orf organic fruit packed full of vitamins.


Easy Meal Ideas

After a busy day out or at work, sometimes cooking a family meal is the last thing you want to do… Here our Home Farm Kitchen chef prepared meals come to the rescue, for easy dinner ideas galore. Handmade by our team, each meal has been carefully crafted using the finest of our organic produce, inspired by Eversfield Organic family favourite recipes, ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

Braised Beef Ragu

Image: Our Braised Beef Ragu is a game changer for a quick and easy meal...

With all the time-consuming preparation and slow cooking done for you, to make the most of your meal all you need to do is add rice, pasta or whatever you fancy serving it with to create a delicious home cooked meal without the fuss.

It’s hard to choose favourites when every dish is so tasty, but here’s some of the meals we’ve been particularly enjoying this summer:


Braised Beef Ragu - £6.95

Grass-fed organic beef, slow braised to perfection for your convenience in a rich tomato sauce. Serve with tagliatelle and a sprinkling of parmesan.


Lamb Carrot and Prune Tagine - £6.95

The rich and juicy flavour of our lamb perfectly complements the sweetness of organic prunes and north African spices in this dish. Serve with fluffy cous cous and stud with pomegranate seeds for a decadent touch to your midweek meal.


BBQ Pulled Pork - £6.95

 Packed with sweet, smoky flavour, this American style classic is wonderful sandwiched between brioche buns with a layer of melty cheese and topped with fresh lettuce leaves for a bit of crunch. Little ones will love this easy dinner!


Everyday Essentials

 Our online range of organic groceries is also home to all the everyday essentials you would usually pick up at the supermarket, all ethical, sustainable and organic.

From freshly baked loaves of Baker Tom’s award-winning bread to eggs, dairy, larder essentials and more, with our wide range you can get a complete organic food shop delivered to your door!

Eversfield Organic Groceries

Image: We stock a range of all your favourite organic brands and essentials...


Subscribe and Save

Make your food shop even more convenient by subscribing to a regular order with us. Get all your organic food essentials delivered to your door on a day and frequency convenient for you; even better, you’ll save 5% and earn more reward points just by setting up your regular order!

Find out more here.


Why Choose Organic for Your Family?

The benefits of choosing organic produce for you and your family are endless. Better for health, the environment and animal welfare; by shopping organic you are helping make a difference, not only for your family but also the world, supporting sustainable farming methods and small businesses.

So why is organic better for your health?

We like to think it makes sense that what you put in is what you get out, meaning all those nutrients our animals get from eating a 100% grass and pasture-fed diet are passed onto you when you eat our delicious meat.

Having never been fed grain or soy-based feeds designed for them to pack on weight as quick as possible, our farming methods produce meat which is higher in essential vitamins and minerals and lower in saturated fats. Organic meat is also a greater source of omega-3 fatty acids – healthy fats which support heart health.

As well as this, organic produce, and the grass our animal feed on, is grown free from artificial pesticides and GM ingredients, which are banned or heavily restricted under organic standards. By choosing organic produce you can rest assured that it won’t have been exposed to any of these potentially harmful factors, resulting in the most natural wholesome food for your family.

The use of additives and preservatives are also heavily regulated under organic certification, prohibiting the addition of hydrogenated fats, artificial food colourings, sweeteners and preservatives and preventing fruit and vegetables being washed in chlorine.

Find out more about why choosing organic is better here.

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