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organic pizza recipe

National Pizza Day!

When we heard there was a day dedicated solely to pizza, we just had to get involved! Here’s everything you need for the perfect organic pizza recipe…

 Pizza is a dish that is loved internationally and its easy to see why; the Italian delicacy is delicious, with a crisp and tasty base, gooey melted cheese and tangy tomato sauce, it’s the ultimate comfort food that always leaves you satisfied.

 The combinations of toppings for pizza are endless, with so much versatility and flavour possibilities, from tried and tested ones like the simple pepperoni, to more whacky and weird creations that somehow just work, where else would you taste ham and pineapple together than on a pizza?

 Keep reading to find out how you can skip the takeaway and instead make your own organic pizza this National Pizza Day, and some of our favourite topping combinations…


The Base

 The foundation of any good pizza is its base, whether you’re a fan of a thick crust or prefer it lighter and crispier, this integral element can make or break a good pizza.

 To make your own pizza dough check out our recipe here. Surprisingly simple to put together, all you need is strong white bread flour, active yeast, olive oil, tepid water and some strong arms for kneading! Roll out your dough as thin as you like, leave to prove, and then add the tomato sauce, cheese and your chosen toppings.

organic pizza recipe

Image: Making your own pizza dough is easier than it seems!

 If you’re after a more convenient pizza hit, our organic Biona pizza bases provide the answer to your calls. Pre-made and ready to be topped, then popped in the oven, you can have your ‘homemade’ organic pizza ready in less than 20 minutes!


The Sauce

 Although masked under a layer of stringy cheese and other delicious morsels, the tang of flavour a good tomato sauce brings to a pizza is needed to balance out the creaminess of the cheese.

 We love spreading a good layer of Mr Organic tomato passata or marinara sauce on our pizzas, made with sun ripened organic tomatoes and seasoned to perfection. Alternatively, you can make your own by reducing down tinned tomatoes or cooking them from fresh until they make a wonderful sauce.


The Cheese

 At Eversfield Organic, we believe the more cheese the merrier in any circumstances, but especially when it comes to pizza.

Image: Organic mozzarella is the perfect choice of cheese for your pizza...

 The classic go to on pizza has to be mozzarella, creamy, delicately flavoured and gorgeously melty, you can’t go wrong, however if you want to amplify your pizzas cheesy flavour further, why not add another cheese or two into the mix. Our organic Glastonbury Farmhouse Mature Cheddar pairs perfectly with mozzarella, adding an extra touch of flavour, or for more of a twist on the traditional, opt for smoked cheddar which can work beautifully with meaty BBQ inspired pizza toppings.



 Like we said previously, the limits are endless when it comes to pizza toppings, meaning you can tailor your pizza specifically to your tastebuds. Here’s some of our personal favourite pizza toppings using organic produce from our extensive online range…

Image: Get creative with your combination of pizza toppings! 

  • Meat Feast

 The meat-lover’s dream, packed with delicious meaty flavour, we love the classic meat feast pizza. Make yours even tastier than usual by using our award-winning organic charcuterie and deli meats. From honey roast ham bits, to pastrami and salami, pick your favourite flavours and make it your own!


  • Veggie supreme

 A favourite of all vegetarians, this pizza topping combo involves all your favourite veggies, with some tasty extras too. We recommend using our fresh seasonal organic veg for optimum taste. Why not try a Mediterranean spin by using sliced peppers, onions, mushrooms, courgettes and crushed garlic, and for an extra touch add a few dollops of Mr Organic pesto and a handful of kalamata olives.


  • Chilli cheese

 A slightly more unconventional choice, but one that really pays off in the flavour factor. To make a Mexican style chilli cheese pizza, bypass the tomato sauce and instead spread our chunky chili con carne ready meal straight onto your pizza base, then top with cheddar and mozzarella. Add red peppers and onions for an extra bit of crunch and cook until the cheese is golden and melted, yum!


  • BBQ

 Emulate the taste of summer un a pizza by making yours BBQ style. Instead of using a tomato base spread a light layer of BBQ sauce, precook some of our diced chicken breast by marinating in Jamaican jerk seasoning and then frying and place a generous amount on top with some sweetcorn and then top with slices of mozzarella and a sprinkling of grated smoked cheddar.

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