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Great British Beef Week 2022

A focus on sustainable farming from British beef producers is this year’s GBBW theme…


The aim of Great British Beef Week 2022 is to highlight and recognise the work put in by British farmers to support sustainable production practices on their farms. At Eversfield Organic, this is something we love to talk about, as we work hard on our organic farm to produce sustainable meat whilst keeping an eye out for the environment. Our regenerative farming methods and high animal welfare standards produce award-winning, finest quality organic meat that is not just better for the environment but better for our health too. Here’s what we’re doing on the Eversfield Organic farm to champion sustainable meat production, and our top picks for a truly great British beef dinner…


Great British Beef Week 2022

Great British Beef Week is a yearly celebration that runs for a week, this year from 23-30th April, that works to highlight the efforts of British beef farmers and their sustainable meat production. Headed up by Ladies in Beef, Great British Beef Week is in its 11th year of running, looking to highlight the work of British farmers who have made British beef some of the most sustainable in the world.


British beef boasts just less than half the average carbon footprint for beef production, with British beef producers aiming to be carbon neutral by 2040. This can be done by “farming regeneratively, improving grasslands and paddock grazing, planting trees, maintaining wildflowers” says Jilly Greed, Ladies in Beef co-founder.


On Our Organic Farm

This is exactly the kind of farming practices that we implement on our organic farm. We work our hardest to sustain our closed loop system, ensuring only materials from the farm are used in its continuing functioning. Our herd of heritage Aberdeen Angus cattle feed on our organic pastures all year round, whether that be out in the fields or on preserved pasture during the winter. As a Pasture for Life certified farm and butchery, our cattle’s 100% natural grass diet ensures they live the healthiest and happiest of lives.


enjoy grass fed organic beef this great british beef week 2022


This natural lifestyle of our herd keeps our soils naturally fertilised, as they graze the fields for a minimum of 200 days a year. As a certified organic farm by the Soil Association, we avoid the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, instead relying on our cattle to keep the ground healthy. Healthy soil and pasture are paramount to offsetting carbon emissions, as healthy ground can actually begin to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere in what’s known as carbon sequestration. Research also shows that grass fed cattle produce less methane than grain fed, intensively reared cattle.


Part of our system is to use rotational grazing methods to make sure the earth has time to rest and recover. Although our cattle do a lot for the health of the soil, they also like to stomp and chomp on it, which can cause damage. To avoid chomping the grass right down to the root, we move our cattle from field to field every month or so to allow the earth to breathe and recuperate. As well as relying on our cattle to naturally fertilise the ground, we also utilise waste products from our Farm’s Market Garden in our composting efforts. In addition to reducing waste, this also sees valuable nutrients return to the soil.


A Great British Beef Dinner…

The natural diet and lifestyle of our grass fed cattle results in a fine cut of organic beef, filled with nutrients. The slow growth produces a beautiful marbling of healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids, as opposed to the saturated fats of grain fed cattle. This meaty marbling is only enhanced by the hanging and dry ageing of our beef, creating an outstanding flavour. All of our organic beef is hand butchered in our on-site Pasture for Life certified butchery by our team of Master Butchers. We believe you’ll be hard pushed to find a better cut of grass fed beef for your supper, so why not start with our top picks for Great British Beef Week?


award winning organic beef from eversfield organic


Organic Beef Steak Mince

Our team of traditionally trained butchers use our high quality organic beef steak to create our organic beef mince by hand. This organic mince is perfect for mid-week meals, delicious when simmered gently in a Bolognese sauce. Or perhaps create homemade organic burgers for your weekend barbecue, layered with organic lettuce, tomato and your choice of sauce. There’s no better time to add our organic Beef Steak Mince to your organic food delivery, as it’s currently 20% off until the end of April.


Organic Beef Shin

As with all our organic meat, our grass fed beef shin is butchered to order, cut from the hind leg, proportioned and expertly trimmed. We recommend slow cooking this cut for a melt-in-the-mouth meal, delightful when braised for hours in a one-pot dish with organic red wine, veggies and beef stock. Our organic Beef Shin is also 20% off until the end of April, perfect for a rainy weekday evening in the hot pot.


Organic 28 Day Thick Cut Sirloin Steak

Taste of the West Gold award-winning organic Sirloin Steak from our grass fed, organic beef. A classic choice for a steak dinner, complete with an outer layer of flavoursome healthy fat and dry aged for 28 days for enhanced flavour. All you need to do with this cut is simply griddle with a little seasoning for a meltingly soft result. These generous steaks are perfect for sharing with a loved one.


organic grass fed sirloin steak from british farmers



Great British Beef Week runs from 23rd – 30th April. Join the celebration of British beef by supporting British beef farms like ours, and help us to make a change one steak at a time.

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