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why is organic beef tallow better

Why Choose Organic Beef Tallow?

With lots of speculation about seed oils, we’re turning to organic, grass fed Beef Tallow…


There’s been lots of speculation online in recent months about the use of seed oils, arguing their true benefit to our health, whether we should be using them so much and discussing alternatives. The balanced argument weighs up the opinions of professionals, exploring the types of fats we should be consuming and what over-consumption could mean for us. Here, we take a deeper delve into the world of seed oils and present our preferred alternative; organic, grass fed beef tallow…


What’s The Beef with Seed Oils?

The controversy surrounding seed oils online stems from the science behind the oils, including the types of fats they hold. Typically, we’re told to avoid saturated fats and trans fats in favour of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, often branded as “healthy fats”. Two of the most recognisable polyunsaturated fats are omega-3 (usually associated with fish) and omega-6 – most often found in seed oils. As the body doesn’t produce these fatty acids itself, it’s important for us to consume them. But here’s where the controversy kicks in.


Some studies carried out in recent years have linked omega-6 fatty acids to negative health effects, such as inflammation. On the other hand, others have grossly denied this claim, forming a well-balanced argument. What we do know, however, is that consumption of seed oils (sometimes referred to as vegetable oils) has drastically increased over the past century. With seed oils considered a healthier choice for reducing the risk of heart problems, it’s understandable that consumption has increased largely. Now, researchers and scientists are beginning to associate a high intake of omega-6 with chronic inflammation. This is leading towards the conclusion of reducing our intake of seed oils (which are found in a range of processed food as well as in their own bottles), especially those containing high levels of omega-6. However, this is not a full-blown conclusion, and much more research is needed before the debate is put to bed.


why are seed oils bad?


A Natural Alternative

“How can I reduce seed oil intake” we hear you ask? Well, our favourite alternative to seed or vegetable oils used for cooking is an all-natural, organic and grass fed beef tallow. Beef tallow, which is rendered fat from cattle, is full of unrefined saturated fats that are better for us, such as that found in avocados, olives and coconut oil. Our ancestors would have used beef fat for all their cooking needs, and we think it’s time for a rediscovery.


The natural saturated fats found in beef tallow provide an abundance of flavour and make it great for cooking at high heats. These unprocessed fats go further than that, even boosting our immune system due to the high nutrient content and reducing inflammation. And if you’re feeling like treating yourself, beef tallow also doubles up as a moisturiser, keeping your skin soft and smooth from the inside and the outside.


Start Here

At Eversfield Organic, we offer both organic Beef Fat in its purest form, plus Traditional Beef Tallow from Ossa Organics. Our organic, grass fed beef fat can be rendered down at home to create homemade tallow and used in a variety of cooking. From frying to roasting, our organic Beef Fat can do it all. Try using our grass fed Beef Fat to make unbeatable roast potatoes or delicious Yorkshire Puddings for your next Sunday roast dinner.


Ossa’s pure Traditional Beef Fat comes ready for use, from 100% grass fed and organic cattle. High in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which helps to reduce inflammation, and omega-3 fatty acids which provide a good source of clean and natural energy. This organic Beef Tallow is also perfect for both shallow and deep frying, roasting and baking.


the best roast potatoes recipe with beef fat



Whilst it’s inconclusive as to whether we need to cut out seed oils completely, by adding organic beef tallow to your next online food delivery we can take one more step to a healthy lifestyle.

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