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ocado organic meat available directly from eversfield organic

Buy our Ocado Meat Directly from Us

Our Ocado meat products are still available directly from us, online or in our Farm Shops…


Much like our decision to take a step away from Abel & Cole, we’ve also decided to remove our organic meat from the Ocado website. This decision is to allow us to focus on our own customers, supplying them directly with the very best organic meat from our family farm in Devon. This means our organic and grass fed meat is now only available from our online shop (where we offer nationwide delivery of our organic food boxes), or from our Farm Shops in Tavistock, Totnes and Marlborough. Not forgetting our ethical butchers counter in the Selfridges Foodhall, London, which showcases the very best of our organic meat. Secure your organic food delivery today by shopping online or visiting us in our various locations to buy Eversfield Organic meat.


What’s more, our selection of Ocado products (Beef Steak Mince, Diced Stewing Beef, Beef Shin, Lamb Diced, Lamb Mince and Traditional Pork Sausages) are currently 20% off on our website until the end of April. There’s never been a better time to restock your fridge with your favourite Eversfield Organic meat products.


Why Organic?

To us, there’s many reasons to support organic food production. In fact, we believe a better question may be “why not organic?” Organic food means better food and purchasing your weekly shop from farms like ours has multiple benefits. Organic is better for the planet, with food produced with a conscious effort to improve and preserve the natural environment. Organic farming avoids manmade fertilisers and utilises waste products as organic compost, returning nutrients to the soil organically. Organic farming also uses less energy than intensive farming, reduces food miles and ultimately CO2 emissions.


As only organic fertilisers and no pesticides or herbicides are used, the soil becomes naturally fertile. Looking after our soil is paramount, as healthy soils mean the surrounding microenvironment can flourish and helps preserve the ground. Where healthy soils lie means healthy grass can grow, which can help to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere in what’s known as carbon sequestration. This of course helps to offset the rise in atmospheric CO2. Plant, insect and bird life also flourishes on organic farms.


wildlife flourishes on organic farms, organic farming helps the bees 

Like many animals on organic farms, our herd of heritage Aberdeen Angus enjoy a happy and healthy life thanks to the high levels of animal welfare on organic farms. Grass fed and free range where possible, these animals are reared at a much slower and more natural pace. With the freedom to express natural behaviours by grazing in organic fields, the animals are less likely to suffer from disease. This means routine antibiotics are not needed, plus the vitamin E in the grass can improve the immune response, making them as fit and healthy as can be.


Naturally, what you put in is what you get out. So, by looking after our organic animals, we are also looking after ourselves, yourselves and your family. The nutrients passed on from healthy pasture to healthy animals will find themselves on your plate when you purchase organic meat. The beautiful marbling of grass fed meat has high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and reduced saturated fats. Organic food also carries high levels of essential minerals and vitamins.


Certified Good Food

When you purchase organic food from Eversfield Organic, you’re not only benefitting from the advantages above, but also buying food you can trust. We’re certified organic by the Soil Association and our farm and butchery are certified grass fed by Pasture for Life. Our organic meat can also be traced back to the very animal it came from for ultimate traceability. Buying from us ensures the highest standard of organic food is guaranteed.


organic grass fed beef from heritage aberdeen angus cattle from eversfield organic


Find out more about the Farm & Family, the Benefits of Organic, or start your organic shop now.

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